Shredding for Non-Profits

Throughout our 50 years, Allegheny Shredders has created custom industrial shredder equipment for all types of organizations throughout the world. With that type of experience, Allegheny has created the perfect shredding system for non-profit organizations. These systems not only allow you to create additional jobs for your clients, but also build a profitable business for your organization to add onto your existing services.

There are two different types of shredding systems that Allegheny has put in countless non-profit organizations throughout the country. The first creates a team atmosphere for your clients, allowing them to work together on a sorting line to separate different grades of paper before it gets to a cardboard Gaylord that is then tipped into an Allegheny 20-350C Industrial Shredder. The shredded paper is then conveyed into an Allegheny 3430-2572 CE Baler, which will allow you to create mill sized bales that can be sold for a profit!

The other shredding system contains multiple Allegheny J-series Office Paper Shredders, along with a baler and a 16-Series Industrial Shredder. These easy-to-use J-series shredders are set up on a conveyor, allowing each client to have their own individual work station and to work at their own pace. The shredded paper is then conveyed into a baler, which once again will allow you to make bales that can be resold to paper brokers for profit.

Even though Allegheny has two plans for shredding systems already in place, we are always open for suggestions on how to make operations even better. If you have any ideas for a unique custom industrial shredder system to fit your non-profit facility, please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We are happy to help you find the best way possible to make your business successful!

Check out some our testimonials from non-profits who have had success with this industrial shredder system:

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We Sell at Factory Prices

All Allegheny equipment is American-made, manufactured at our factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. This allows us to sell our products without import or export charges. We sell at factory prices, ensuring that you receive maximum value on your investment.Your biggest savings, however, derives from the quality of our equipment. Ask any of our customers: Allegheny equipment is built to perform, year in and year out, without troublesome breakdowns and costly repairs.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers’ shredding needs – from collecting to processing to recycling shredded materials for a profit.