Product & E-Scrap Shredders

Profitable destruction of discarded or obsolete products and electronic waste.

  • Solves the problem of an increasing flood of unwanted products and e-scrap.
  • Thoroughly destroys items from cell phones to copy machines to prevent security breaches, product liability and re-selling of contraband materials.
  • Provides a practical, cost-effective first step in recapturing valuable metals.


With Allegheny’s Product & E-Scrap Shredders, you can turn a growing environmental and security problem into a practical solution for increased profits for your company. Increasing amounts of obsolete or damaged products and a flood of discarded electronic devices are posing problems of security risks, product liability and revenue loss. Allegheny’s Product & E-Scrap Shredder is a versatile industrial shredder for reliable, cost-effective destruction of unwanted hard drives, televisions, bound books, office equipment, appliances, contraband, digital media, e-scrap and more.

This rugged, high capacity industrial shredder can crush and shred products and materials into unusable and unidentifiable pieces. Two separate shafts driven by different horsepower motors provide significant speed and crushing power. Allegheny’s experience allows us to build a custom industrial shredder system based on the products you want to destroy!

Allegheny Product & E-Scrap Shredders provide a practical way to benefit the environment by reducing the waste stream of electronics and products, increasing overall recycling, and generating revenue through recapture of valuable metals.

The three different models of the Product & E-Scrap Shredder are: 3025DX, 3650DX, and 52125DX.


  • Reliable and secure destruction solves the problem of potential security risk or revenue loss inherent in obsolete materials.
  • Specialized industrial shredder features dual crusher and cutters designed for handling bulk reduction.
  • Available in three different horsepower models, this extremely rugged equipment can destroy items from cell phones to large appliances.
  • Cost-effective destruction generates profits from recapture of metals.
  • Supports the environment by reducing the amount of material sent to over-crowded landfills

For more information on our Security Grinders and Product & E-Scrap Shredders, please call your Allegheny sales representative at 800-245-2497 or complete our Information Request Form.

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We Sell at Factory Prices

All Allegheny equipment is American-made, manufactured at our factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. This allows us to sell our products without import or export charges. We sell at factory prices, ensuring that you receive maximum value on your investment.Your biggest savings, however, derives from the quality of our equipment. Ask any of our customers: Allegheny equipment is built to perform, year in and year out, without troublesome breakdowns and costly repairs.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers’ shredding needs – from collecting to processing to recycling shredded materials for a profit.