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Shredding For Profit

WHEN YOU’RE STARTING UP in this industry, it pays to have access to reliable, up-to-date information so you’ll make smart choices and maximize your investment. Our fact sheet, 10 Steps to Establishing a Successful Contract Shredding Service is an excellent place to start. You’ll learn how to evaluate your competition, set your prices, and refine your marketing strategy as well as select the equipment that best suits your goal. Learn More >

Shredding for Non-Profits

THROUGHOUT OUR 50 YEARS of existence, Allegheny Shredders has created custom equipment for all types of organizations throughout the world. With that type of experience, Allegheny has created the perfect shredding system for non-profit workshops! These systems not only allow you to create additional jobs for your clients, but also build a profitable business for your organization to add onto your existing services. Learn More >

Information Center

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER – and after 50 years, we’ve accumulated a lot of it! Take advantage of our many educational resources to support you in propelling your company’s success. Our brochures, catalogs, and DVDs offer tips on buying equipment (how to avoid common mistakes and save dollars!), on establishing a successful shredding operation, and on keeping track of important trends in the industry. You’ll find out who our customers are, and what they say about our company. Learn More >

Our Company & Affiliations

AS THE PREMIER MANUFACTURER of high capacity shredding systems and the industry leader for 50 years, Allegheny can provide you EVERYTHING – from expert consulting to superior equipment backed by the best service and support in the industry. From collecting to processing to recycling for profit, Allegheny guarantees a total solution! Learn More >

Our Equipment

EVER SINCE JOHN WAGNER built the first high capacity shredder in the industry over 45 years ago – with a 15 Hp motor, a major feat at the time – Allegheny has built superior equipment in response to the needs of our customers. When a customer has a problem, we come up with a solution to enable them to become more productive and more profitable. View Our Equipment >

Why Allegheny Shredders?

2014-08-25_1405 Want to see video of our shredders in action? Click Here