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When the highest level of destruction is required for a wide range of materials.

  • Powerful solution for total destruction of a wide range of materials, including paper, plastics, wood, medical waste, and e-scrap products.
  • Available with Allegheny’s patent-pending SelecShred™, allowing operators to switch the screen size with a simple push of a button.


If you need to destroy a variety of materials at a high level of destruction, the Allegheny Security Grinder & Single-Shaft Shredder is a powerful, flexible solution. Utilizing our proprietary single-shaft rotary design with adjustable screen sizes, the Security Grinder is designed for single-stage ‘dump and run’ destruction of paper documents, plastics, wood, medical waste, e-scrap products, and printer’s waste.

In 2005, Allegheny introduced the industry’s first single-shaft industrial shredder with an adjustable screen. The patent-pending SelecShred™ gives operators the ability to change the screen size of their grinder with the simple push of a button, instead of manually replacing one screen with another to accommodate different shred size requirements for different shredding jobs or clients ­– a time-consuming and costly process.

This added flexibility, along with the versatility of materials (paper, plastic, wood, medical waste, e-scrap) that can be destroyed, makes the Allegheny Security Grinder the ultimate industrial shredder for ultra-high level, secure destruction.

The Security Grinder & Single Shaft Shredder is available in two models: 1436GX and 1452GX. The SelecShred™ screen is optional on all models.


  • Powerful, single-stage “dump and run” destruction.
  • Flexibility provided by the Selec-Shred™ adjustable screen size technology; screen sizes range from 3/8” to 4”.
  • Versatile industrial shredder that can handle many different materials (paper, cardboard, plastic, e-scrap, etc.).
  • Ideal for paper shredding services, recycling centers, printing companies, medical waste facilities, or government agencies requiring complete secure destruction.

Download the pdf catalog: Security Grinder & Single Shaft Shredder


Optional Equipment

Allegheny offers optional equipment to enhance the productivity of your Allegheny Security Grinder, including Tippers, Conveyors and Horizontal Balers.

  • Tippers
    Used with a loading cart, security container, or a Gaylord box, the Allegheny 880 or HLS Tipper offers an efficient way to load materials onto your industrial shredder input conveyor. This increases the volume of throughput to be shredded and minimizes operator fatigue and strain.
  • Conveyors
    Sorting conveyors allow the operators to separate materials by grade and type prior to shredding for maximum recycling profits. Primary Conveyors, Metering Conveyors, and Output Conveyors allow easy transport of shredded materials into a baler, compactor, dumpster, or other receptacles.
  • Horizontal Balers
    Allegheny offers a complete line of horizontal closed-end balers and auto-tie open-end balers to increase the efficiency of your shredding operations.
  • Consoles & Security Containers
    Allegheny provides a full selection of security containers and executive consoles to provide secure storage of documents prior to shredding.

For more information on our Security Grinders and Single-Shaft Shredders, please call your Allegheny sales representative at 800-245-2497 or complete our Information Request Form.

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