Allegheny tippers are designed to increase your throughput volume and make your shredding jobs much easier and more efficient. Our tippers are operator controlled with a momentary selector switch that allows power-up/gravity-down operation so that the operator can control the amount of material loaded onto the feed table or into an Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System. Allegheny offers two types of tippers – the 880 Tipper and the HLS Tipper.

  • 880 Tippers
    Accompany the Allegheny 16-Series or 100-Series Industrial Shredder. It will accommodate 64- through 96-gallon security containers and 55-gallon drums. It lifts up to 500 lbs.
  • HLS Tippers
    Are designed to accompany 100-Series and 1000-Series Industrial Shredder or an Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System. In addition to the containers mentioned for the 880 Tipper, the HLS Tipper can receive loading carts and a single Gaylord box weighing up to 2,000 lbs. A number of optional features are available to improve the capacity of the HLS Tipper, including the Allegheny Auto-Tip (automatic full up/down cycling of the tipper, controls can be mounted remotely); the Allegheny Fast-Tip, for high speed ‘dump and run’ of your documents; and a Laser Safety Scanner for operator safety and more efficient loading.

Allegheny Tippers will increase your throughput volume and streamline your workflow by allowing the operator to provide a consistent, even flow of paper into the industrial shredder. They also help eliminate back strain and fatigue resulting from repetitive lifting of material.

For more information on our Tippers, please call your Allegheny sales representative at 800-245-2497 or complete our Information Request Form.

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We Sell at Factory Prices

All Allegheny equipment is American-made, manufactured at our factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. This allows us to sell our products without import or export charges. We sell at factory prices, ensuring that you receive maximum value on your investment.Your biggest savings, however, derives from the quality of our equipment. Ask any of our customers: Allegheny equipment is built to perform, year in and year out, without troublesome breakdowns and costly repairs.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers’ shredding needs – from collecting to processing to recycling shredded materials for a profit.