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For efficient moving of materials into and away from your destruction equipment

Allegheny custom manufactures a variety of conveyors to assist in the transport of materials, into your shredder’s cutting assembly and away from the industrial shredder to a baler, dumpster or other receptacles


Types of Conveyors:

Sorting Conveyors
Sorting Conveyors allow your operators to separate paper by grade and type prior to destruction, thus maximizing the value of your recycled material.

In-Floor Conveyors
In-Floor Conveyors allow operators or a front-end loader to push material into your industrial shredder without lifting.

Metering Conveyors
Metering Conveyors automatically control the amount of material moving to the cutting/crushing assembly. This helps minimize jams and optimize throughput.

Output Conveyors
Output Conveyors (bolt-on or roll-away) allow easy transporting of destroyed material into a baler, compactor, dumpster, or another receptacle.

Mobile Pit Conveyors
Mobile Pit Conveyors allow a mobile truck to discharge its shredded paper into an in-floor conveyor to be transported into your baler. (See Off-Loading System for Mobile Trucks)

• Conveyors supply a steady flow of materials, streamlining workflow and increasing your operation’s efficiency
• Conveyors come in different widths and lengths, depending on the size of the industrial shredder and required applications
• Sorting conveyors are variable-speed and can accommodate multiple operators
• Conveyors can be combined to maximize operating efficiency, as in the Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System and the Allegheny Off-Loading System for Mobile Trucks

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We Sell At Factory Prices

All Allegheny equipment is American-made, manufactured at our factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. This allows us to sell our products without import or export charges. We sell at factory prices, ensuring that you receive maximum value on your investment.Your biggest savings, however, derives from the quality of our equipment. Ask any of our customers: Allegheny equipment is built to perform, year in and year out, without troublesome breakdowns and costly repairs.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers’ shredding needs – from collecting to processing to recycling shredded materials for a profit.