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hard drive shredder - Allegheny 12HD20 SelecShred Hard Drive Shredder

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Shred Hard Drives and SSDs at the same time on the same machine!

  • Destroy hard drives and server drives to 1 ½” or ¾” shred size (3/4” on available on 20 Hp. model)
  • Shred SSDs, cell phones, USBs, CDs, etc. down to 3/8” shred size
  • Dual cutting assembly that allows for shredding multiple items at the same time


Allegheny has recently introduced their new SelecShred™ Hard Drive Shredder. This powerful shredder gives customers the ability to securely destroy both solid state drives (SSDs) and hard drives on the same machine, as well as most e-scrap products, including cell phones, circuit boards, tapes, and CD’s.

The SelecShred™ Hard Drive Shredder comes in 3 different models. A 3 Hp. and 7½ Hp. model, which destroy SSDs to 3/8″ and hard drives to 1½”, and a 20 Hp. model, which shreds SSDs to 3/4″ and hard drives to 3/8”.

The 12HD7.5 and 12HD20 SelecShred™ have a 12 inch wide feed opening, allowing for a 6 inch cutting width for both the HD and SSD side. These models come with a bolt on output conveyor that discharges at standard gaylord height for easy disposal of shredded e-scrap material.

Allegheny’s 9HD3 SelecShred™ has a 9 inch wide feed opening with 5 inches for hard drives and 4 inches for SSDs. This model does not have an output conveyor option, but has a self-contained 7.5 gallon container that holds shred and is easily removable for dumping.


Download the pdf catalog: SelecShred Hard Drive Shredder


Model 9HD3 SelecShred™ 12HD7.5 SelecShred™ 12HD20 SelecShred™
Cutting Assembly 9″ overall (4″ SSD side, 5″ HDD side) 12″ overall (6″ SSD side, 6v HDD side) 12″ overall (6″ SSD side, 6″ HDD side)
Capacity 12-15 HDD’s per minute 25-30 HDD’s per minute 30-35 HDD’s per minute
Horsepower 3 Hp. 7.5 Hp. 20 Hp.
Voltage 208V, 230V, or 460V, 3 phase,
60 cycle
208V, 230V, or 460V, 3 phase,
60 cycle
208V, 230V, or 460V, 3 phase,
60 cycle
Drive Electric Electric Electric
Input Speed 23 FPM 42 FPM 65 FPM
Cutter Type 6 ½” diameter, hooked/sawtooth 9” diameter, hooked/sawtooth 10 ½” diameter, hooked/sawtooth
Cutter Size 3/8″ SSD side, 1 ½” HDD side ¾” SSD side, 1 ½” HDD side 3/8″ SSD side, ¾” or 1 ½” HDD side
Dimensions 33″ W x 33″ L x 55″ H 42″ W x 45″ L x 56″ H 48″ W x 55″ L x 68vH
Weight (approx.) 1,300 lbs 2,500 lbs. 4,500 lbs
Paint Grey or Black Grey or Black Grey or Black

Optional Equipment Available for 12HD7.5 or 12HD20 SelecShred™:

  • Input Conveyor with Hopper
  • Bolt-on Output Conveyor
  • Stainless Steel package (available for all models)
  • Dust Containment and Collection


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