Allegheny’s New SelecShred™ Adjustable Screen

DELMONT, PA (November 30, 2006) – Allegheny Shredders Corp., has introduced the industry’s first single shaft grinder with an adjustable-screen. The introduction of the Allegheny SelecShredTM represents a major development in the document destruction and security industry because it gives mobile and in-plant shredding operators the ability to service a wider variety of customers faster with just a single piece of equipment.

Before the development of this equipment, operators had to manually open the cover of their paper grinders and physically remove one screen and replace it with another. This process, which can take fifteen minutes or more to complete, was a significant drag on productivity. With the new Allegheny SelecShredTM Adjustable Screen, operators can change the screen size inside their grinders with just the simple push of a button.

This has enormous implications for mobile paper destruction companies because it allows them to serve customers with different grinder and document security requirements without removing and replacing their screens between shred jobs.
In the document destruction business, some companies, such as banks, law firms and hospitals, demand smaller screen sizes to produce a finer (more secure) piece size of their discarded documents. However, smaller screen can limit a grinder’s through-put capacity and add to the cost of the service. Less security-conscious customers, on the other hand, can opt for larger screen sizes, which facilitate greater paper through-put and less expensive document destruction.

With the introduction of the SelecShredTM, mobile operators can now service both types of customers in a given day, one stop after another – or even the same customer with different security concerns for different departments – without losing time to physically change out their screens. This allows operators to service customers faster and more conveniently than was previously possible, and can give them a great marketing advantage by being able to offer double the security for key departments without processing the entire stop at a higher-priced screen setting.

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