Delmont, PA – Allegheny Shredders is proud to announce the Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder, designed to safely and effectively destroy computer hard drives, optical media, and other electronic devices (cell phones, handheld devices, etc.). The Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder offers reliable, cost-effective destruction of obsolete electronic devices that pose a threat to data security and tax our landfills.

Physical destruction is the most effective and desirable solution for unwanted or obsolete data storage devices. Shredding offers maximum protection, eliminating any possibility of reconstruction and retrieval. With its 71⁄2 HP motor and high-torque drive train, the Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder can thoroughly destroy more than 25-35 hard drives per minute with virtually no noise or vibration.

The Allegheny hard drive shredder is ideal for e-scrap recyclers, data centers, and contract shredding services that need to destroy sensitive data information.

Features of the rugged, high-capacity Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder:

  • Angled in-feed chute (8″W x 2″H) for ease in manual feeding
  • Individual, 1 1/2” wide, precision-ground sawtooth, hooked cutters that easily shred computer hard drives, optical media, and electronic devices such as cell phones, handheld devices, etc. into unusable and unidentifiable pieces
  • Mounted on casters for easy, smooth mobility
  • Equipped with an output conveyor for transfer of shredded material into a dumpster or other container

Allegheny Shredders is once again at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry.

“The time is here for efficient, secure destruction of hard drives and electronic devices, and we have the most reliable equipment to do it. After 40 years of manufacturing destruction equipment, we’re eager to offer the Allegheny Hard Drive/E-Scrap Shredder to solve the problem
of security risk posed by growing amounts of discarded sensitive electronic waste.”
– John Wagner, President of Allegheny Shredders

For more information on Allegheny Shredders’ full line of 100% American-made destruction equipment, contact:

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