Delmont, PA – Allegheny Shredders is pleased to announce a cross-cut version of the Model 16-75C of our 16-Series Shredders, bringing maximum security destruction for your confidential information.

The Allegheny 16-75C Cross-cut Shredder is ideal for organizations that have outgrown their office paper shredder, and that require a high level of destruction for their most sensitive documents and information. This quiet, powerful conveyor-fed shredder will destroy a wide range of materials, including reports, computer printouts, multiple sheets of microfiche, and CDs and DVDs.

Features of the Allegheny 16-75C Cross-cut Shredder:

  • Individually stacked cutters with counter-rotating shifts for single-pass cutting
  • Shred particles of 1/8″ wide x 7/8″ long
  • Spacious feed table for easy loading of materials
  • 16” wide input conveyor accommodating various sizes of materials
  • Reduced amount of discharge, saving space in your facility
  • Versatile shredding power in a rugged, compact design

At Allegheny, we anticipate our customers’ needs and consistently come up with cost-effective solutions for secure, total destruction.

“To meet the growing demand for maximum security shredding, Allegheny is pleased to offer the Model 16-75C Cross-cut Shredder. Now you can have complete, secure destruction for your most sensitive document and confidential materials, backed by Allegheny’s superior equipment and excellent service and support.”

– Thomas A. Wagner, Allegheny Systems Design

For more information on Allegheny Shredders’ full line of 100% American-made destruction equipment, contact:

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