Delmont, PA – Allegheny Shredders is pleased to announce a new solution for mobile trucks to reclaim top recycling dollars.

The Allegheny Off-Loading System for Mobile Trucks offers a convenient, streamlined way to reap significant profits from shredded paper, while avoiding the cost and hassle of digging an in-floor pit. The Off-Loading System uses an integrated, two-conveyor system that feeds paper directly into a baler. After the mobile truck discharges paper onto the hopper, the paper is carried up an inclined conveyor and fed into your baler.

The Allegheny Off-Loading System is the perfect answer for new contract shredding services or those wanting to add mobile trucks to their operation.

Features of the Allegheny Off-Loading System for Mobile Trucks:

  • Heavy all-steel construction provides ruggedness and durability
  • Extra wide hopper (10’) accepts large volumes of shredded paper
  • Custom designed to your facility and your baler
  • Inclined conveyor is equipped with cleated belt for maximum pickup of paper
  • Sensors will pause in-feed conveyor to allow baler time to cycle

Once again, Allegheny has created a solution to bypass obstacles (such as problems associated with building in-floor pits), improve operating efficiency, and make your business more profitable.

“Our Off-Loading System makes paper recycling easy for mobile trucks. This two-conveyor, integrated system feeds the shredder paper right into the baler, allowing you to capture valuable profits from recycling.”

– John Wagner, President & Founder of Allegheny

For more information on Allegheny Shredders’ full line of 100% American-made destruction equipment, contact:

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