DELMONT, PA – For nearly 40 years, Allegheny Paper Shredders Corporation has developed and manufactured the most rugged and technologically advanced destruction equipment available. Now Allegheny is taking total information security to the next level with 1452GX Security Grinder.

When the highest level of document and product security is required, the Allegheny 1452GX is the total solution. This 100 horsepower, 100 percent American-made grinder is designed for single-stage, ram-fed destruction. A 52” feed opening, 14” rotor diameter and an Anti-bridge Rotary Feed™ allow for increased throughput of up to 10 tons per hour. The 1452GX also has a large in-feed hopper with computerized ram to accommodate “dump and run” operation, a feature designed for both ease and safety.

Allegheny Paper Shredders’s superior technology and service, combined with no overseas shipping costs, create a unique value for the customer. Allegheny equipment provides more tonnage of destroyed material per dollar, saving time and money without sacrificing ultimate goal of total information security.

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