Horizontal Balers

High-performance balers to maximize your recycling profits

  • Complete line of heavy-duty horizontal closed-end, manual-tie balers and open-end, auto-tie balers available


Allegheny’s Horizontal Closed-end Balers compress shredded paper, trim waste, etc. into dense, quality bales that are easy to store, transport, and recycle.

Allegheny craftsmen designed and engineered this original equipment focusing on precision, maximum performance, and the safest possible operation for your personnel. In addition to reclaiming recycling profits, your company will save dollars from eliminating the man-hours spent handling shredded materials. You’ll also have more storage space at your disposal.

Three models of horizontal closed-end balers are available, with bale weights ranging from 175 lbs up to 1500 lbs.  Our balers are manufactured using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM equipment and only the highest quality American-made steel.

Allegheny also offers open-end, auto-tie balers manufactured by Maren Engineering Corporation. The 72 O.E. Series Baler allows completely unattended operation and uses hydraulic-free automatic tying. A wide range of bale cross sections and in-feed hopper sizes are available.


  • Allegheny balers make it easy for you to generate profits from recycling by producing tight, high quality marketable bales – in fact, the baler often pays for itself in 1-2 years!
  • Reduce your labor costs spent on handling shredded materials; recoup valuable storage space
  • Our Horizontal Closed-end Balers are designed and engineered for long-lasting, smooth, high volume, safe performance
  • Open-end, automatic-tie balers offer even greater efficiency

MODEL 2024-532 CE3030-2072 CE3430-2572 CE
Motor7.5 Hp20 Hp25 Hp
Bale Size (L x W x H)24″ x 24″ x 20″60″ x 30″ x 40″72″ x 30″ x 40″
Bale Weight (lbs)175-200800-12001100-1500
Ram Cycle (no load/seconds)203025
Ram Thrust (lbs)18,85557,84878,750
Hydraulic Cylinder (diameter x stroke)4″ x 30″6″ x 44″7″ x 48″
Pump (GPM)74148
Max Operating Pressure(PSI)2,3002,3002,300
Oil Reservoir (Gallons)15100100
Shipping Weight (lbs)3,5009,00010,000
Number of Ties355

What Our Customers Say

“Our Allegheny Horizontal Closed-end Baler is extremely reliable. It produces high-quality, clean bales of consistent weight and size that our recyclers love! The baler’s high-volume output has greatly added to our business success.”
DAVID KRELLER, Document Resources

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