Auto-Feed Systems

Dramatically increase your shredding capacity while significantly saving on labor costs

  • Revolutionary system developed by Allegheny allows automatic feeding of paper into your shredder
  • Efficient design couples two conveyors that consistently feed high volumes of paper, enabling your shredder to perform at maximum capacity
  • Increases profitability through reduced labor costs (1 operator can do the work of 2 or 3) and streamlined workflow


Allegheny developed the Auto-Feed™ System to increase the amount of paper that can be fed into a high capacity shredder. Operators can only handle so much paper per hour, but by automating the feeding of the shredder, your company can minimize labor while making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

The Auto-Feed System utilizes a high capacity Primary Conveyor (in-floor or above ground) coupled with a variable speed Metering Conveyor with a cleated belt to produce a smooth, even flow of paper into the shredder’s cutting assembly. This unique design virtually eliminates jams and minimizes operator fatigue and strain.

The Allegheny Advanced Auto-Feed™ System is designed for hands-free shredding. This system includes a Metering Drum that automatically regulates the amount of paper discharged from the Metering Conveyor. This allows unattended operation, greatly minimizing labor costs.

The Auto-Feed System is designed for use with all Allegheny 1000-Series Shredders, and is ideal for contract shredding services or organizations having a large volume of confidential documents to destroy.


  • Allegheny’s innovative Auto-Feed™ System greatly increases shredding capacity, moving greater volumes of paper than operators could achieve manually
  • Boosts your profits through significantly reducing labor costs
  • Virtually eliminates jams and minimizes operator strain
  • State-of-the-art technology that enables you to maximize your shredder’s capacity and raise your company’s bottom line