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Our customers are why we are here, and we begin building a relationship with them with the very first phone call. It’s a joint “partnering” as we evaluate your equipment needs, plan the optimal layout in your facility, and streamline your shredding operation for maximum output. Our service and technical support team respond immediately to any problem that may arise. We’re also there to provide solutions and support as your business grows and changes. What’s more, we’ll share solutions we’ve gleaned from helping thousands of companies develop successful shredding operations over 50 years!

Our customers agree that the “Allegheny way” of supporting customers is a valued benefit of doing business with us. In short – our relationships with our customers are as rock solid as our equipment.

  • Consulting & Support – Allegheny will work with you to develop the most efficient means to collect confidential materials, process them with your destruction equipment, and recycle shredded materials for a profit!
  • Technical Support – Allegheny is renowned worldwide for the ruggedness and reliability of its equipment. But if you should at any time require trouble-shooting, technical assistance or customer service, your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Parts & Service – Our highly trained sales representatives will answer your questions and assist you in the proper selection of the destruction equipment and optional machinery that will best meet your needs and your budget.
  • Training / Owner’s Manuals – Allegheny technicians are available to install your complete shredding system and thoroughly train your personnel. They’ll be given all the information they need to ensure the safe, efficient operation and proper maintenance of your equipment.
  • Equipment Safety – We at Allegheny recognize that the safety of your operators and your business environment is of primary importance. For over 50 years, every aspect of our equipment has been designed and engineered with safety in mind.
  • Supplies – Allegheny offers a variety of supplies for your shredding needs, including plastic bags, lubricants and bale ties.

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We Sell at Factory Prices

All Allegheny equipment is American-made, manufactured at our factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. This allows us to sell our products without import or export charges. We sell at factory prices, ensuring that you receive maximum value on your investment.Your biggest savings, however, derives from the quality of our equipment. Ask any of our customers: Allegheny equipment is built to perform, year in and year out, without troublesome breakdowns and costly repairs.

We pride ourselves on providing cost-effective solutions to our customers’ shredding needs – from collecting to processing to recycling shredded materials for a profit.