Industrial Shredders | Your secrets are safe with us!

Industrial Shredders | Protecting your confidentiality!

This content was written for Allegheny shredders

Do you have large quantities of confidential documents in your office and you need industrial shredders to really ensure the safety of your clients? Do you want a machine that is not going to at leave you walking away disappointed? Is it also important that when you make this sort of purchase that you’re not going to regret it or have buyer’s remorse in the future? We have insight to providing the efficient machines that will really change your life. We love what we do so give us a chance to build something for you.

Have you ever worked with a company like us in the past? We will go ahead and answer that for you and tell you that it’s a definite no. I say this because there simply isn’t anyone else on the market that is offering all the benefits that we do. Do you work with us you don’t have to choose from a cookie-cutter type of machine that’s already been predestined for its purpose. If we already have the design that you need, then we will be glad to offer that as the simplest answer for you! No worries there whatsoever!

however if we don’t have the machine that you’re looking for oh, and you need something with another feature added or do you need a different size or whatever the case may be, we can build it. We actually really love this process and it challenges our team to stay on their toes. This is a good thing for us because we have chosen this profession because we love the Innovative side to providing realistic solutions to our clients. We are aware that there isn’t one particular Shredder that serves all purposes. Realistically every Shredder is particular to the job at hand.

So it’s very important to consider whether or not it’s going to matter if the shredder works at a slower speed or if you need it to work at a higher speed. it’s also very important that you decide whether or not you can have your finished materials shredded into strips, or chips, or if you need a finer cut like a part of you cut. The particle cut is going to offer the most confident reality security. Because it literally cut your paper into tiny little pieces that are like particles. Which we are very aware that you’re smart enough to figure that out.

For the sake of keeping things simple with industrial shredders, work with Allegheny. Work with us because you won’t walk away disappointed about anything in the process. You’re not going to deal with rude people like you would in another company. You’re going to get the best pricing. And you’re also going to have the option of a custom designing a machine that will be unique to your office in particular. They’re also going to work with the most experienced staff, so I could keep going on and on but you get the point. Call us today.

Industrial Shredders | Scrap Metal taking up space?

This content was written for Allegheny shredders

Are you looking for industrial shredders because you have a lot of scrap metal picking up place in your Shop? Do you have a lot of buildings at your facility and need the best prices so that you can really equip your stop with the products they need in each building? Is Affordable pricing is important to you, you have landed on the correct page because we really value your hard-earned money. The things that we’re not going to try to waste any of it because we want you to be able to do the things that you Wows, instead of spending on these types of equipment.

We’re definitely concerned with finding the machine was going to be relevant to what you need is at your facility. We also want your team to be provided with equipment that is going to make your job and their job a lot easier. We’re going to go above and beyond to create something magical for you, because it’s what you truly deserve. This may seem silly, so it’s really do mean it that we want to create something unique and special for you. We’re also going to consider whether or not you need to slow or a fast speed in regards to helping you find the correct product.

Another thing that will consider is what type of blades are going to need. This is important because it really changes the results of the materials that you were shredding. If you’re needing to minimize the wasting office as much as possible, then you’re going to need a more complex cut. If you’re just trying to minimize it enough to transport it out of your facility, then you probably won’t need something as complex. But these are things that you really need to consider before purchasing your machine. That’s why our staff is here to answer any questions.

Also you’ll really enjoy the fact that we are the only manufacturer that can produce all five major types of machines and our own Factory. The reason that we do this is because we want you to have a one-stop-shop that you can accomplish everything that you were trying to. You shouldn’t have to go all over the place too schedule meetings with people because they only offered this type and not type of machine. We offer everything because we want to simplify the process and make your life easier. Our entire mission is to make your life as smooth as possible by giving you the better equipment to achieve that goal.

Having industrial shredders at your facility is really going to change your operations for the better. You’ll be able to cut costs when it comes to transporting them out of your facility because you won’t have to take up as much space in the process. Meaning that you can transport with fewer trucks then you would be able to if they were still in bulk form. Breaking them down into smaller chips and or particles is really going to benefit you in so many ways. You’ll have space back in your office as well that you can use for tools or whatever your needs maybe. So call us today and we will help you find the best machine at an affordable price.


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October 17, 2019