Industrial Shredders | We care about and value you!

Industrial Shredders | You matter to us. We care!

This content was written for Allegheny shredders.

Are you looking for industrial shredders and you need a company that manufactures them? Are you looking for the company that you can really feel that they have your back and are looking out for you? Are you looking for a different way of doing business then with the disappointing results that you’ve had with other companies? We have all of the solutions for you and are constantly striving to improve our systems and our products. If you have a need for any sort of Shredder, we are able to help and are more than happy to assist you.

You’re constantly setting the tone for what the expectation should be with this industry. We are leading because we have been in business for over 50 years and can back our work and stand behind it. By this we mean that we offer a one year warranty with every machine that you purchase, but we may extend the option for you to purchase a 10-year warranty. We are proud of the work that we do because we know that these machines really get the job done.

We operate in regards to what our customers needs are. Anytime we have someone come to us with any sort of question or idea, we are thrilled to discuss it. All of our customers matter to us, including you even if you haven’t purchased anything yet. We know that purchasing big machinery like this can be a little bit intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. But we’re here to simplify the process for you because we want to make your life easier. You have plenty of things to worry about, and shredding shouldn’t be one of them.

Whether you’re looking for a larger industrial Shredder, or you’re looking for a paper shredder that is personally size or your desk at the office, we can help. No project is too big or too small for us. That’s why we have a factory and a team to ensure the proper machine is built for you. We do this as fast as possible while also not cutting any Corners. We’re very particular about every single detail because we’re detail-oriented. This really serves as a benefit to you because it means that we are very careful with every step in our process.

We consider what your needs are before you even express them, but sometimes we can’t know what your need for industrial shredders is until you open up to us about the concerns that you have. When we talk to you we just want to get a better feel for what type of materials will be shredding, and to what level of volume. this will help us determine the best decision for you while providing options that you can choose from. We’re not going to missguided you or try to sell you something that you don’t actually need. We really just want to help you have a more efficient way of managing waste in your facility.

Industrial Shredders | Maximum Shredding!

This content was written for Allegheny shredders.

Do you really want to maximize your shredding with industrial shredders in your office? Did your facility really have a need for higher volume shredding capabilities? Are you wanting to make fewer bag changes because you need the product that can shred the materials down into fine particles? If you were looking for the equipment that can be gravity fed with a input shoot, we have the product that you were looking for because we’re making your life easier. We are also extremely experienced so give us a call.

What is it exactly that you were looking for in the product that you are in seek of? Are you wanting the product I can do what nothing else can because it stands out on the market? We have years of experience in building these machines and are very detail-oriented with every moment that goes into creating them. We are even open to hearing your feedback because it helps us become better at what we do. We have the best solutions for you.

So we offer a one year warranty with all of our equipment and products. If this is something that doesn’t sound like a long enough warranty for you and you like to be on the safe side, we can extend your warranty for up to 10 years. We have products like the 16 – 75 C which is a cross-cut shredding machine. It can accomplish destruction that others simply can’t. It’s very effective and what it does because it was built to last and built to stand up against the test. We’re developing every day and improving our services and products.

If you want to really maximize the highest capacity of shredding in your facility, be aware that we are the company that can really make that happen for you. We’re not here to take advantage of you by trying to charge you more than what our products should be charged for. We know you will get extreme value out of our products and that really sets us apart from anyone else. We are confident because we know that our machines really get the job done. They do all of the talking for us.

If industrial shredders are something that you are considering in your office Alicia Witt check out our website. Our website has plenty of information that you can follow up on and learn more about what we offer. In fact the content we offer is really helpful because we have a lot of videos. These videos help you really get a grasp of the products that we offer and you’ll get to see them in action. If you want to really see them live in person, schedule a factory visit so that we can show you around and serve as a tour guide for you. We’ll really see this industry a little bit differently when you see these machines five and action and you meet our team.


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October 17, 2019