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This content was written for Allegheny shredders.

If you’re looking for industrial shredders that are really going to make an impact in a positive way in your office, we are the company for you. If you’re looking for a company that does things to a higher level of Excellence because they hold himself accountable, once again the other company for you. If you’re looking for the products that are built to last for years to come, we have those products for you. Our machines are extremely powerful and aggressive on those high volume jobs that you need to knock out. Call us today and visit our website to see what all we have to offer.

When you visit our website you’re going to see a lot of videos that will give you a deeper understanding of how these machines operate. Some of them have voice audio over the video and some of them are simply just a visualization of the machine itself. The video of the machine in action doing the job that it was created to do. This really helps with our future clients to know that we really do take this very seriously. Our Factory is also open for you to take a tour. if this is something that interests you we would be happy to guide you through the entire process.

We’re very passionate about shredding so we are very passionate about building machine to do it the right way. Show me hear our clients tell us that they have a particular need for a machine that has not yet been built, we feel extremely inspired. We are inspired because that’s exactly what we’re here to do for you. We offer services that other companies simply won’t, because they aren’t willing to go the extra mile at we are. We are always over delivering Weatherby through our customer service or working with our design team with you to make sure you have the product to me.

We want you to consider whether or not you want this machine to be automatic, or if it will require someone to run it. Some of them are going to always require some sort of supervising, but some of them are designed with a optional package that we refer to as ” dump and run.” it’s also important that you consider whether or not you’re going to be able to maintenance the machine properly to get the full amount of life out of it. Of course we’re going to guide you and this so that you have the knowledge necessary to properly take care of that you are machine. We are constantly responding to our customers needs.

Industrial shredders really fascinate us, and that’s why we went in business with building our company to provide new and innovative solutions that had never been available before. We saw that there was nothing like it on the market so we designed it and put it into action. And ever since then it’s been a really instrumental in changing the entire industry. We’re always open to feedback with the machine that you purchase from us. That’s because we’re constantly striving to make them better, so give us a call.

Industrial Shredders | Warranties to protect your purchase!

This content was written for Allegheny shredders.

Are you tired of industrial shredders company not offering efficient warranties that really ensure that you are covered? Are you tired of them only offering a one-year commitment to you for choosing them? We can totally understand that then would be irritated as well and that’s why we have extended our warranties for up to 10 years. We really want you to feel secure when you make the decision to work with us. We are also offering the most affordable pricing so there’s really no risk in working with us. Visit our website to see the machines that we have on the market already.

One of the ways that it is a lower risk to work with us than anyone else is that we truly Make a Difference by the pricing structure that we offer. We’re not trying to take every penny from you and we are very mindful that you work hard for your money. We are also aware that you don’t want to spend on machine because you’re probably not as passionate about them as we are. So that’s why we offer Factory pricing would you won’t find anywhere else. We do this because you are not just another transaction to us, but instead you are someone that we want to work with for Life.

When our customers come to us with any sort of cancer , we answer quickly because it’s truly bring value to their lives. Instead of waiting around for an answer, you know that we are going to get right on it and get back to you as soon as possible. We put it at the top of our priority list at 2 communicate with you and offer options that you can choose from. We’re also not going to leave you in the dark and hope that you can make the best decision on your own. And said we’re going to help you compare models and go from there in regards to what will be best for the volume and materials that you were shredding.

We’re constantly raising the bar and keeping ourselves in check. We hold ourselves accountable as well as our team members, because we have found this really creates an environment that cultivates success. Although we may have to have some awkward conversations with our co-workers when we feel like they’re slacking, we still take this step because we believe that it helps everyone involved. We deliver what your expectations are and then some. that’s why we have so many clients that have trusted us for years and continue to work with us as their needs come into play.

Looking for a premier manufacturer of industrial shredders, Allegheny is the company for you because we have extremely high standards. We never want to create a machine that we couldn’t be proud of putting our name on it. We don’t settle for less, and neither should you with choosing what company to work with. If your standards are really high and then you are going to be frustrated if you work with anyone else. We are open to your feedback and constantly looking for ways to benefit your life and your company. We’re not here to take advantage of you, instead we want to build a relationship with you for a life to come.


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October 17, 2019