Strongest Warranty in the Industry

Allegheny Shredders is proud to offer the strongest warranty in the paper and e-scrap shredding industry. We believe that you deserve protection for the substantial investment you’ve made in information destruction equipment. Instead of a mere 90 days, Allegheny J-Series Office Paper Shredders are covered by a 3 year warranty, while Allegheny industrial Shredders, Cross-Shredding System, Security Grinders, Product & E-Scrap Shredders, Hard Drive Shredders, Horizontal Balers and Optional Equipment are covered by a 1-year Warranty (or 2,080 hours of use, whichever comes first) on Parts and Labor. For details, please see Allegheny’s Warranty Certificate. We also offer a 10-Year Guaranteed Trade-In Policy that will save you money when upgrading to a new or larger model.

And that’s not all…Should you ever need warranty service, Allegheny will have an authorized service technician come to your place of business at no cost to you!

I wouldn’t buy any equipment except Allegheny equipment. In the three shredding businesses I’ve managed, Allegheny has offered solid machinery, a solid warranty, and the Platinum Standard in customer service. Reliability, Durability and Service are what we paid for and what we expect – and Allegheny has come out shining on all three. When it comes to document destruction, I just wouldn’t deal with anyone else.”