HLS Tippers

For high volume loading onto an input/sorting conveyor or an Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System

  • Maximize your throughput volume by providing a consistent, even flow of materials into your shredder
  • Eliminate back strain and fatigue from repetitive lifting of tons of paper per hour
  • Optional packages designed by Allegheny for HLS Tippers improve operating capacity and efficiency


Now you can maximize your throughput capacity by regulating a steady flow of paper into your shredder, using an Allegheny HLS Tipper. Our tippers are designed to accompany Allegheny 100- and 1000-Series Shredders or the Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System.

The HLS Tipper is operator-controlled and utilizes Power-up/Gravity-down operation; controls can be mounted remotely. Protective cages use an interlock-hinged door to ensure safe operation.

Several optional packages improve the productivity of the HLS Tipper, including: Auto-Tip, for automatic full up/down emptying of containers; Fast-Tip, for high-speed ‘dump and run’ destruction; Laser Safety Scanner, for added safety and efficiency (see full descriptions under “Options” tab). Customers may add one, two, or all three optional packages.


  • HLS Tippers load high volumes of paper efficiently, effectively, and safely – directly maximizing your shredder’s productivity
  • Allegheny tippers help eliminate operator strain and fatigue (and possible injury) from heavy, repetitive lifting
  • HLS Tippers accept a range of containers: Up to two 64- through 96-gallon security containers, up to two 55-gallon drums, loading carts and a Gaylord box weighing up to 2,000 lbs
  • Tippers are operator-controlled for fast processing and maximum throughput. Remote mounting of controls is available with optional packages.
  • Safety cage or laser scanner ensures the safety of your operators
  • All HLS Tippers come standard with a feed table, allowing space for sorting and dispersing material as it is fed into your shredder
  • Optional packages greatly increase speed and efficiency of your tipper, bumping up your bottom line

ModelDischarge HeightOverall Dimensions (W x H x L)Overall Swing Height
For loading an Input or Sorting Conveyor
HLS-8483648" discharge (36"D x 56"W bucket)66"W x 84"H x 101"L without table (129"L with table)128"
HLS-8484848" discharge (36"D x 56"W bucket)66"W x 84"H x 121"L without table (147"L with table)136"
HLS-8603660" discharge (36"D or 48"D x 56"W bucket)66"W x 84"H x 119"L (not available with table)147"
For loading an Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System:
HLS-7823672" discharge (36"D x 56"W bucket)68"W x 90"H x 152"L166"
HLS-8724872" discharge (48"D x 56"W bucket)68"W x 90"H x 152"L176"
Additional Specifications
Motor2 HP TEFC
Voltage230 Volt AC, 1-phase, 60 cycle or 208/230/460 Volt AC, 3-phase, 60 cycle
ElectricalsCutler-Hammer starter and controls; NEMA 12 Enclosure
HydraulicsDual cylinder hydraulic power pack; 2 HP pump at 2 GPM
BearingsGreaseable, langemounted ball bearings
Weight2500 lbs (approx.)
Specifications for the Allegheny Fast-TIp
Motor7 1/2 HP TEFC
Voltage208/230/460 Volt AC, 3-phase, 60 cycle
ElectricalsCutler-Hammer starter and controls; NEMA 12 Enclosure
HydraulicsDual cushioned cylinders with large hydraulic power pack; 7 1/2 HP pump at 10 GP
BearingsGreaseable, lange-mounted ball bearings
Weight2,550 lbs (approx.)


Allegheny Auto-Tip
This feature makes shredding jobs easier with an automatic full up/down cycling of the tipper. Remote mounting of controls provides easy access for the forklift operator, streamlining your operation.

Allegheny Fast-Tip
Dramatically increase your productivity by using this high-speed ‘dump and run’ fast-tip package. Its large hydraulic power unit and dual cushioned cylinders provide smooth operation that’s three times faster than our standard HLS Tipper.

Laser Safety Scanner
This work-saving feature replaces the standard interlock-hinged door with a laser safety curtain, allowing the operator to remain on the forklift and operate the tipper remotely. This scanner ensures the safety of the operator.

What Our Customers Say

“The Allegheny Fast-Tip is three times faster than our standard model, and offers a convenient, reliable way to empty your materials while saving valuable work time.”
JOHN WAGNER, Founder, Allegheny Shredders

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