Allegheny tippers are designed to increase your throughput volume and make your shredding jobs much easier and more efficient. Our tippers are operator controlled with a momentary selector switch that allows Power-up/Gravity-down operation, so that the operator can control the amount of material loaded onto the feed table or into an Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System. Allegheny offers two types of tippers – the 880 Tipper and the HLS Tipper.


880 Tippers

Accompany the Allegheny 16-Series or 100-Series Shredder. It will accommodate 64- though 96-gallon security containers and 55-gallon drums. It lifts up to 500 lbs.


HLS Tippers

Are designed to accompany 100- and 1000-Series Shredders or an Allegheny Auto-Feed™ System. In addition to the containers mentioned for the 880 Tipper, the HLS Tipper can receive loading carts and a single Gaylord box weighing up to 2,000 lbs. A number of optional features are available to improve the capacity of the HLS Tipper, including the Allegheny Auto-Tip (automatic full up/down cycling of the tipper, controls can be mounted remotely); the Allegheny Fast-Tip, for high speed ‘dump and run’ of your documents; and a Laser Safety Scanner for operator safety and more efficient loading.

Allegheny Tippers will increase your throughput volume and streamline your workflow by allowing the operator to provide a consistent, even flow of paper into the shredder. They also help eliminate back strain and fatigue resulting from repetitive lifting of material.