100-Series Shredders

Industrial paper shredding – up to 2½ tons per hour – for 1 or 2 operators

  • Heavy duty shredding for secure destruction of paper, cardboard, and other materials
  • Designed for integration into a complete shredding system to reclaim recycling dollars and reduce labor costs
  • Excellent for centralized paper shredding services


Allegheny’s heavy duty, industrial 100-Series Shredder is the initial shredder of choice for the majority of contract paper shredding services or large institutions needing a centralized paper shredding location. If you’re starting up a contract paper shredding service, you will appreciate the extremely reliable design that has been refined and proven for over 50 years.

The 100-Series includes two models, 18-250C and 20-350C, each offering different horsepower options. An extra-wide input conveyor and powerful crusher paddle allow these machines to thoroughly shred all types of confidential materials – paper documents (thick stacks of computer printouts, file folders, waste bin contents, and even 3-ring binders full of paper!); multimedia materials (microfiche, microfilm with reels, audio/video cassettes, CDs); and plastics (x-rays, credit cards and ID badges).

As the main component in a complete shredding system, a 100-Series Shredder is often accompanied with an output conveyor, baler and HLS tipper to maximize your throughput and save on labor costs.


  • Fast, efficient shredding of large volumes of paper, cardboard, or other confidential materials
  • Unique cutting assembly with optional T-18 tool steel cutters to handle the most abusive applications
  • Ideal for large organizations that provide centralized paper shredding, or for contract paper shredding services

Model18-250C 15 Hp.18-250C 20 Hp.20-350C 25 Hp.20-350C 30 Hp.20-350C 40 Hp.
Input Speed
(feet/meters per minute)
Feed Opening
18" / 457 mm18" / 457 mm20" / 508 mm20" / 508 mm20" / 508 mm
Cutting Assembly
18" / 457 mm18" / 457 mm20" / 508 mm20" / 508 mm20" / 508 mm
Cutting Assembly
1 3/8" / 35 mm1 3/8" / 35 mm1 3/4" / 44.5 mm1 3/4" / 44.5 mm1 3/4" / 44.5 mm
Cutters8.5" diameter; sawtooth; precision-ground from A-2 tool steel or Allegheny’s highest impact-resistant T-18 tool steel (optional on all models),heat treated to optimum Rockwell hardness.10.75" diametersawtooth; precision-ground from A-2 tool steel or Allegheny’s highest impact-resistant T-18 tool steel (optional on all models),heat treated to optimum Rockwell hardness.
Shred Width**
1/2" / 12.7 mm1/2" / 12.7 mm1/2" / 12.7 mm1/2" / 12.7 mm1/2" / 12.7 mm
Crusher Paddle
7" / 178 mm7" / 178 mm10" / 254 mm10" / 254 mm10" / 254 mm
460 Volt AC, 3 phase, 60 cycle
59" x 94" x 46"
1498 mm x 2388 mm x 1168 mm
70" x 107" x 55"
1778 mm x 2718 mm x 1397 mm
2715 / 3380 lbs
1231 / 1533 kg
2830 / 3495 lbs
1284 / 1585 kg
5005 / 5970 lbs
2270 / 2708 kg
5130 / 6095 lbs
2327 / 2765 kg
5330 / 6295 lbs
2418 / 2856 kg
*Total sheets of 20 lb. bond paper that can be shredded per pass in multiple stacks. Actual capacity depends on available power supply.
**Additional shred widths and voltages are available.

As we constantly improve our products, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Optional Equipment

Allegheny offers optional equipment to provide easier disposal of your shredded materials and enable you to turn your waste paper into recycling dollars. We can even custom design a complete shredding system to maximize your shredder’s productivity and reduce your labor costs.

We’ll help you determine the most efficient way to collect materials for shredding, process materials through the shredder, and recycle shredded paper for a profit.

Allegheny will also help you design the physical layout of your system to make the most efficient use of available space and personnel. Using computer-aided design technology we can provide you with a detailed diagram showing the optimal layout of your shredding system within your facility.

Our technicians are available to install your complete shredding system and train your personnel to ensure safe, efficient operation and proper maintenance of your equipment.

Sorting Conveyors
Allegheny Sorting Conveyors allow several operators to separate materials by grade and type prior to shredding, thus maximizing the value of your recycled paper.
Used with a loading cart, security container, or a Gaylord box, Allegheny Tippers offer an efficient way to load materials onto your shredder’s input conveyor. This increases the volume of throughput to be shredded and minimizes operator fatigue and strain.
Output Conveyors
For transporting shredded materials into a baler, compactor, dumpster, or other receptacle.
Horizontal Balers
For Allegheny 100-Series Shredders, we offer a complete line of heavy-duty balers to increase the efficiency of your recycling operations.
Consoles & Security Containers
Allegheny provides a full selection of security containers and executive consoles to provide secure storage of documents prior to shredding.

What Our Customers Say

“My business relies on quality equipment. I’ve found that Allegheny’s precision-built shredders are made to last forever, are extremely reliable, and perform way beyond their expected capacity. Allegheny gives me what I need – and then some!”
RENEE KEENER, American Document Securities

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