High Capacity Shredder Options

To accommodate both your shredding needs and your budget, Allegheny offers three series of high capacity, conveyor-fed shredders. Within each series, we provide a range of options with various horsepower motors, shred widths and shredding capacities. These high capacity shredders range in capacity from 750 lbs up to 15 tons of material per hour.

All of these shredders are powerful, rugged, and extremely reliable — precision-made by Allegheny’s expert craftsmen, for years of continuous use. Features include all-steel construction, computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology, highest quality components, and an innovative cutting assembly. The same high quality that Allegheny has become known for is evident in every piece of equipment we manufacture.


16-Series Shredders

From 750 lbs up to 1,200 lbs of paper per hour – designed for 1 operator

  • Versatile shredding power in a rugged, compact design
  • Ideal for centralized shredding in banks, hospitals, and other organizations that have limited space yet need to destroy a large volume of confidential material
  • Excellent for mobile contract shredding services


Cross-cut Shredders

Single pass cross-cut shredding for highest level of destruction of your confidential information

  • High level of destruction to meet more stringent security requirements
  • Brings advanced cross-cut shredding capability into the office setting
  • Built to be the most reliable in the industry, like all Allegheny conveyor-fed shredders


100-Series Shredders

From 1 ton up to 2 1/2 tons of paper per hour – designed for 1 or 2 operators

  • Reliable shredding power that is built for heavy, continuous use
  • Ideal for financial institutions, medical facilities, government agencies, and other organizations that provide centralized shredding for several buildings or locations
  • Excellent for centralized contract shredding services


1000-Series Shredders

From 3 1/2 tons to over 15 tons of paper per hour – designed for multiple operators or Allegheny’s Auto-Feed System (allowing you to save on labor costs)

  • Rugged shredding power proven to withstand the most demanding applications
  • Ideal for commercial records storage centers, governmental archives, retention centers for banks, insurance companies, and medical facilities, and all large corporations that require centralized shredding for several buildings or locations
  • Excellent for centralized, high volume contract shredding services

For more information on our High Capacity Shredders, please contact your Allegheny sales representative (800-245-2497) or fill out an Information Request Form.