Off-Loading System for Trucks

Reclaim recycling profits with Allegheny’s integrated two-conveyor system

  • An innovative Allegheny solution allowing you to capture recycling dollars from mobile truck operations
  • Integrated two-conveyor system feeds shredded paper directly into the baler
  • Avoid the obstacles in installing an in-floor pit


If your contract shredding service uses mobile shred trucks, or if you’re starting up a mobile shredding service, you can now easily reclaim valuable recycling dollars in a cost-effective way. With Allegheny’s newest technology, the Off-Loading System for Mobile Trucks, shredded paper is discharged directly from the truck onto a primary conveyor. This connects to a second, inclined metering conveyor that feeds the shredded paper directly into a baler.

This efficient system delivers your saleable end product – tight, clean bales of recycled paper. Allegheny’s Off-Loading System also eliminates the hassles and cost involved in creating an in-floor pit.


  • The Off-Loading System makes it easy to add mobile shredding to your operation
  • Flexible design fits either an in-line or T-configuration in your facility
  • Increases your profits by producing a saleable product
  • Sensor on in-feed conveyor allows baler time to cycle
  • Another cost-effective solution to put your business ahead of your competition!

ModelOff-Loading System
Motor5 Hp. TEFC
Input Speed (feet/meters per minute)
- Hopper Conveyor45 / 14
- In-Feed Conveyor90 / 28
HopperCustom-designed with a 10' wide opening for off-loading. Optional low to ground opening for low-discharge mobile trucks
In-Feed ConveyorCustom-designed to baler
Voltage*208/230/406 Volt AC, 3-phase, 60 cycle
Overall System DimensionsCustom-designed to facility and baler
5000 lbs / 2273 kg
*Additional voltages are available.

As we constantly improve our products, specifications are subject to change without notice.

What Our Customers Say

“Our Off-Loading System makes paper recycling easy for mobile trucks. This two-conveyor, integrated system feeds the shredded paper right into the baler, allowing you to capture valuable profits from recycling. Another Allegheny solution for your success!”
JOHN WAGNER, Founder, Allegheny Shredders

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