The Top Industrial Shredders, Allegheny Shredders would like to offer you cost-effective solutions to solve their problems with your machine your with your confidential information and hard drives that new be destroyed. If you want a variety of supplies like shredding, plastic bags, lubricants, or Bale ties Allegheny Shredders is here to lead the way and give you everything that you need to make sure that you are able to perform year in and year out as was overcome any troublesome breakdowns and repairs. That is why should always have Allegheny Shredders. They will make your life so much easier with their equipment and machinery. So the be able to avoid breakdowns altogether and you should need should call them to get their equipment.

The Top Industrial Shredders, Allegheny Shredders will get everything they need and obviously the make sure we have to ensure that everything is safe as well as everything is up-to-date the weight should be. Severely questions for us or at least like to know exactly what it is that were doing how able to do better and of course will provide this in so much more. Call now to know more about what it is able to provide as well as how we can get 10 times better than what other so-called shredding companies can do. Here with Allegheny Shredders we actually offer paper shredders, JC Reese office paper shredders, 16 series, I thousand series, cross shredders and more. So if you want more information please call.

The Top Industrial Shredders has everything that you need so you have to go very far to find., To know more about what it is were able to do provide you whatever it is you need. Don’t perform and also want to make sure that you’re always having satisfaction guaranteed service. If you want technical assistance as well as tell technicians that make himself available to thoroughly trained your work force contact Allegheny Shredders. Also make sure that able to get the proper selection of equipment as well as optimal and optional machinery to make it work it’s best to meet your needs and also exceed your needs and but still meet your budget. Reach out now to learn more about what Allegheny Shredders can provide.

See what we mean by outperforming all other shredders. Because where American-made right here in Pennsylvania. We been family owned and operated for the last 50 or so years. Social cost-effective solutions as well as a family dynamic in your question always choose Allegheny Shredders. Have everything they need and similar make sugar able to dedicate ourselves to getting everything that you could need and want. We cannot know more about how able to do that as well as what looking to make sure you able to have everything they need. Everything that we do is always built to last and to outperform the competitors.

Call 724-468-4300 or go to if you’re interested in paper shredders, lubricants, Bale ties, complete trading systems, product and E scrap shredders, hard drives shredders, tippers, mobile hard drive shredders, conveyors, offloading system for mobile trucks, horizontal balers and more. Call 724-468-4300 now if you have any interest in working with us or at least using us for our machines.

Top Industrial Shredders | We Put Hard In ‘Hard Work’ & Love It!

What’s great about having the Top Industrial Shredders is that were efficient, effective and proficient in all things shredding. So if you want to 16 series shredder, 100 series shredder, used paper shredder, cross shredding system, security grinders, mobile hard drive shredders, HLS tippers, auto feed systems you know who to call. Allegheny Shredders is obviously at the top of everybody’s list. They then doing nothing but producing the top equipment for more than 50 years. So if you need some help discovering whether or not you need high-capacity or even across cut shredder S now and will make sure they are able to buy did the optimal machinery and equipment for your needs.

The Top Industrial Shredders has everything to them for. So if you’re looking for executive consoles and security containers in a questionable to find you whatever it is you’re looking for. Switch are not to know more about how able to assist you and also she everything they need. Happy to assist you in any way the can. So reach out not to know more about how to do it and also what we can do better. Is were always cannot deliver our best to every single one of our clients. And so for all potential clients who are looking to make a change in the way they are clearing out confidential materials as well as hard drives need to turn their attention to Allegheny Shredders. We have the right stuff at the right price. All you have to do is go and visit the website to see what were providing a terms of service as well as maintenance.

The Top Industrial Shredders will always deliver exactly what you ask them to and more. So it only makes sense to use Allegheny Shredders for all services. Reach out not to know more about what we can do to make sure you have everything that you need. So for parts and service as well as different types of equipment reach out now to know more about what we can provide here is a company. What we provide matters. And we continuously have been doing that for the last 50 or so years. After providing conveyors, hard drive shredders, shredding systems, 880 tippers, core shredders, E scrap shredders and more. So we have all the right stuff. But we also make sure it’s always affordable.

If you have any questions as to why we are the one to choice and of course with able to prove to you just how amazing her services are. Because that’s the name of the game here will make sure they scanning a greater service. We are happy to help in any way that we can. So if you need any information or at least what we can do to show you that we are effective in all things and we most certainly will provide you the proficiency as was the team that are very effective in finding the right fit for you.

Call 724-468-4300 and visit Is all your can find here at Allegheny Shredders is efficiency, effectiveness, proficiency, and a family owned business that is ready to serve you in all your needs. So that’s a good deal to you contact Allegheny Shredders now to see what we can get better serve you providing the platinum level customer service all the time every time.