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I’m sure there are a lot of different things that you have to consider when you were worrying about destroying information. Depending on the different types of information you might be having to worry about how to properly dispose of a hard drive so that nobody can take the data off it if it’s just found in a garbage bag. When it comes to paper goods a shredder machine is always a good start but it may not necessarily be the best fit for your organization. There are some people that have to destroy stuff in compliance with the National Association of information to destruction. We want to make sure that all of our units destroy stuff to these high standards set by the National Association of information destruction.

our CEO and our founder John Wagner has developed his own independent systems for building industrial shredders. He has sketched up in design a lot of different industrial shredders for his own use of purposes. One of the shredders he has designed is the t18 shredder made from Impact resistant steel this thing is freaking insane. I’ve seen this machine swallow up whole wrenches and spit them back out and unrecognizable pieces. Mister Wagner is also develop systems for destroying hard drives and sensitive data to the point where no man would be able to reconstruct this data without already knowing what was on it. John has designed a lot of different Shredder machine for a lot of different purposes and he would love to design one for your purpose too.

When you work with us you can be 100% satisfied doing that any information or data that you do destroy will never see the light of day again. We have a multi conveyor belt system that will help us ensure that any papers or materials that we do get to destroy will be too short of properly and house. We have a lot of different Shredder machine available to make sure that there is something available for everybody at all the different industrial sizes and price points.

You visit our website you are going to see our free design consultation at the top of the website so that way we can have one of the professional members of our staff reach out to you and help better understand the situation that you are in so we can help design or recommend an industrial Shredder of best fit. Don’t listen to us take your research into your own hands get online and research us if you will see that we are one of the most highly rated and most reviewed shredders in the entire world.

There There are a lot of different cuts Styles out there that we will utilize to make sure that we destroy any information or data properly in accordance with you and your needs. We will do strip cut, Crosscut, peers, tear and grinding as well as anything complying with HIPAA privacy and security rules. So whether you are a hospital, government contractor, Joe Schmo down the street with some weird pictures. We want to help you destroy all of your data.

shredder machine | Small shredders

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

When we started this adventure of shredding papers we started at a seven and a half horsepower Shredder that was already on the market. We have now moved up to Shredder machine that can do well over three hundred horsepower. So we have a wide variety of Shredder is available at our disposal and we want to help you find the shredder of best fit for you and your organization. We understand that there are going to be a lot of different needs for a lot of different companies of different sizes around the United States, and around the world.

Take it for yourself and view our website and you will see some of our Google reviews and our client testimonial and you will cease from other people how we have help them solve their shredding solution problem. We helped a lot of different company solve their shredding solutions Problems by working one-on-one with them and figuring out what their exact needs are and how we can help them solve their problems. We can help you solve your problems if you fill out our design consultation form on our website is absolutely free and you’ll be contacted by a member of our staff prom play who will start taking down information at helping either steer you in the direction of a pre-existing Shredder machine or taking dimensions for building a custom shutter.

Mr. Wagner didn’t only build high power industrial shredders better than anybody else he also improve the cutting assembly to make them as efficient as possible so that way you would control the market in many different aspects. No one was using a saw to cut her before we were using a saw to cut other and now you’ll see them all over the Internet. This cutter so kind of the ones that you will see that are able to destroy even like oil drums. We have some very cool shredder machine that can take care of the smallest problems all the way up to the biggest worries.

Mr. Wagner has developed his own indestructible t18 cutter made of the highest steel available this machine is able to swallow entire wrenches and Sheet Metal. I have never seen a cooler Shredder in my entire existence. Have you ever seen the videos online of people throwing oil barrels into shredders and the thing just kind of gets caught and just gets sucked up into the machine like it’s eating it. That is a shredder from our organization and it utilizes our Sawtooth pattern that keeps a smooth flow into the grinding assembly while maximizing load.

So go ahead and just give us a call today with the number listed on our website and get started with your free design consultation today because we want to help you find a industrial Shredder that is going to work for your organization. We don’t want you to be a long-term repeat Customer because honestly our products should be lasting you a decade up already. If you do have to come back it’s because we hope that your business has grown to the size where you’re going to need a larger Shredder than you did the last time you came around and you’ll be more than happy too because of our high degree to customer service and are long-term retention to maintenance and repair.