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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Would you pick to work with a shredding company there are a lot of different variables that you are going to have to weigh. You are looking for more than just who can build a shredder machine at the most efficient price. You’re looking for somebody that is going to constantly over-deliver with their projects and they are going to do what they say they are going to do. You are looking for a machine that is going to be purpose-built for the next decade of building your business. I’m sure that you’re not looking for some machine that’s just going to be super cheap and break within the next year.

We’re not in the nature of building products that are going to break in the next year as a matter of fact our CEO developed a shredder machine called the t18 that is made with impact-resistant steel this means that it can handle some of the biggest beefiest loads that we can throw at it anytime of day. I have seen this machine personally destroy wrenches and multiple inch sheet metal. We do what others can’t do and we over deliver on our machines time and time again. We need your feedback so that we can continue to grow as an organization and help you serve your purposes better.

Take one look at our website and you’ll see for yourself that we are the best Shredder machine company available and we have tons of Google reviews and client testimonials that support this fact. We are very ambitious when we say that we are the best shredding company in the entire world because they’re not a lot of companies that have been doing it for more than 50 years. We have a sense of community in the organization that we have built and when you work with us we won’t take advantage of you like other services do.

We encourage you to do your research on our organization and visit our website. From there you can see plenty of videos about the different types of shredders and what they do and what their exact purposes are for you and your organization. While you’re on the website you will also be able to set up a free design consultation so that we can help you develop the shredding capacity that you will need to help your company grow to its greatest height. This is a family-owned organization and our CEO had started the company and continues to run the company well into the future.

We have lots of experience unlike some of the other shredding companies that just get parts from China and throw stuff together that breaks and chips metal into your shreds. It doesn’t take a lot of common sense to understand that you’re going to want to go with the highest and most reviewed shredding company out there because we have dependability time and time again to make sure that we over deliver on our products and we say what we are going to do and we do what we are going to say.

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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders

We have a 100% customer satisfaction approach to building Shredder machines. What this means to us is that when you work with us we are going to work with you step by step to make sure that your needs are taken care of thighs degree of service that we can. When do you visit us on our website you are going to see that there is a free design consultation pop up. If you fill out this pop-up you are going to be promptly greeted by a friendly member of our staff that is going to help you walk through the process a bit further. Everyone in our team displays a high degree of professionalism and is very intensive to the needs of any person that reaches out to them.

Our founder and CEO John has His own shredder machine called the t18 that is made from impact-resistant Steel. Now this is probably one of our biggest and baddest units but even then it is still going to be affordable. We want to work with each and every customer that we can to make sure that we are offering the correct price unit to the people that needed services The most. We understand that not all of our shredders will be good fits for every organization out there.

That’s why we want to work with you one-on-one in our design consultation phase so that way we can understand the needs of you and your business and help you design a plan to move forward. We are considered the world’s greatest manufacturer of plant-based shredding equipment and mr. Wagoner our CEO had the ability to realize that shredded paper and selling it to a paper broker could be a very good revenue stream. No matter what your organization is we have a shredder machine that is going to fit your purposes.

Now I know you don’t just sit up at night dreaming about Shredder machines like our CEO John does but what we can assure you is we can break into that madman’s head and we can all day about the perfect Shredder to help you utilize your purposes. One of our shredders is actually based on the design of a manure thrower so that way it will never get clogged or it will never have teeth that will match your chips because it hasn’t even and smooth flow and Design.

You’re going to find our pricing very agreeable because we stand behind the products that we build and we don’t have to give lots of refunds or Replacements because the products that we do build or very high quality and they last people for decades and they’re very happy with their overall use. We helped build shredders that are in compliance with the National Association of information destruction so that way when we work with people that deal with sensitive data they can rest assured knowing that the data that they have destroyed is properly destroyed and no one will be able to put it back together or inappropriate use.