Shredder Machine | Standards. Do they matter? Hmnmmmm.

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you tired of working with shredder machine companies that under deliver what they promised? I mean, we totally understand because that’s frustrating to work with any company that under delivers their word and commitment. Since this bothers us so much, we take every measure and precaution to make sure we are not going to treat you that way. Our customer service is extraordinary and will really blow you away with the concern that they have it for your needs. If you want to experience something better than you ever have before, give us a call because Allegheny is here for you.

It actually excited that you have extremely high standards, because you are the exact kind of client that we like to work with. We understand your language and your need to work with the best products and services. However we do know that this sort of mindset can cost you at thousands of dollars across the board. But Allegheny offers you Factory pricing so that you can spend your hard-earned money somewhere else rather than that throwing it away mindlessly into machines for your plant.

We offer the best pricing because we are passionate about shredding and material handling equipment. We have anything from paper shredding equipment to hard drive shredding equipment and we can help you with services and repairs for the life of the machine. You won’t find customer service like that anywhere else on the market. That’s why you can trust working with us because we are picky about the employees we hired to assist you through the process. We hire experts but we also consider their character when we are going to the recruiting process.

We hire people that we would want to hang out with in our own free time, because we understand that if we can’t stand talking to these people, neither will you. Our staff is extremely friendly and treats you as if you are their best friend or someone that they are extremely close to. That’s because we value the fact that you have chosen to work with us because we know there are so many options out there. However there aren’t any other options out there that truly compete with Allegheny.

Shopping for a shredder machine can be really overwhelming and daunting. We are the company that’s going to stand out Above the Rest because we go the extra mile for you whether it be with our organizational skills or the fact that we provide more content for you to learn about our products. Who else out there has as many videos as we do of their products so that you can see them without having to visit the factory? Also who else out there will give you a tour of the factory that manufacturers all five major types of shredding technology? That’s right, no one. So what are you waiting for, give us a call!

Shredder Machine | Shredding is oddly therapeutic!

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Looking for a shredder machine because you have a high need for Waste Management at your facility and are even interested in recycling these products? If you have a high level of plastics coming in and out of your factory than it would be wise to purchase one of these industrial shredders. We know that we have the best products on the market because we have been doing this for over 50 years and have refined our entire process. From the start to the finish of your buying experience, you will be extremely satisfied. In fact the relationship doesn’t stop after you purchase your machine, we are here to support you through the life of your product!

The reason that we support you with services and repairs throughout the life of your product is because we truly do care about the value you receive it from our machine. We aren’t just trying to sell you a machine and then go on without ever thinking about it again. We want you to know that you were supported with any questions that you may have. That’s because we know that these products are extremely valuable to your organization so we want to ensure that they are running properly at all times for you. We also want you to get the longest life out of them.

Longevity is definitely in mind when we are building these machines for you because we are very detail-oriented in the entire process. Whether it be with her organizational skills through comparing models with you or and the little details that go into building the product, we do not settle for less. They’re very picky and oriented around the details that make the most successful products. We can also help you determine which type of machine would actually be best at your factory and plant.

We also highly encouraged that you purchased one of these machines if you have a large one of these materials to shred through. Particularly if you have a lot of plastic to shred through, we would love to help because this also enables you for smoother recycle processes. We have inside of what your needs are and we proactively solve them, but if you have a concern we are always here to listen and solve them. Office equipment can really change the Dynamics of your business and offer benefits with the features that come with us.

Our Shredder machine is going to stand out from any others on the list for so long. With over 50 years of experience in this industry, it’s pretty impossible for us to not be experts at what we do. We love the opportunity to work with you because we understand that there are so many other companies that you could choose to work with. However none of them have been doing this quite as long nor were they the first ones to build the industrial Shredder. Check our website and give us a call!