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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny industrial shredders are the world’s greatest shredding company and manufacturer and have been for the past 50+ years. Let them help you destroy confidential paper, hard drives and more! No matter what your shredding needs may be Allegheny shredders has a unique solution for you and your company. You may schedule your free design consultation by submitting your name, email and phone online. The friendly and outgoing staff will reach out to and help tailor your shredding machine to your exact needs and desires. There is really nothing that Allegheny shredders can handle and they constantly strive to make more and more shredding machines or support in order to keep up with the ever-changing industrial shredding industry.

Allegheny industrial shredders can do a wide variety of services including paper shredding equipment, hard drive shredding equipment, and material handling equipment just to name three categories. With over 50+ years of hands-on experience Allegheny shredders strives to continue to be the number one industrial shredders in the world. They offer one-year parts and labor with the purchase of every new shredder. They even offer a three year parts and labor plan with each J series paper shredders. No one else in the industry can hold a flame to this type of warranty. Allegheny is the only manufacturer in the world that can and does produce all five shredding technologies; strip cut, cross shred, cross cut, particle cut, and single shaft rotary grinders. They stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industrial shredding market. They also offer the opportunity for you to extend your warranty up to 10 years after the initial sale.

Tim Oberst, with Ohio mobile shredding co, has been a loyal customer since 1988. What he enjoys most about Allegheny industrial shredders that they are an extremely caring and passionate company and they have always put his best interests and other customers first. They are constantly striving to do more and incessantly innovating their new systems and or equipment in order to facilitate the secure destruction of materials they have earned Tim’s loyalty for over the past three decades and he said he is treated I can family member with Allegheny shredding. He says this family owned and operated company has an passing down the family core values since its founder, John Wagner instilled the family culture into Allegheny shredding.

Allegheny shredding has been the premier maker of industrial shredders over 50 years based here in Delmont, Pennsylvania. They are extremely proud to be an American and it shows with a poor themselves into their craft. No matter your needs or materials you are shredding Allegheny guarantee that they have a total solution for you and your company.

Allegheny industrial shredders begin building relationships with their customers after the very first phone call. They offer technical and service support which will respond immediately to any issue or problem that may arise there also there to provide a number of solutions and support as your business begins to grow and change. Allegheny shredding Will share the solutions they have learned from helping thousands of company
through the past 50 years. visit their website or give your friendly customer service the call (724) 468-4300. Within a few reached via email

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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny industrial shredders are American-made and proud of it. Based in Delmont, Pennsylvania Allegheny shredding company has been bringing you the highest quality industrial shredders for the past 50 years. There constantly striving to innovate and redefine industrial shredding industry. They are extremely passionate about what they do and you can tell by just looking at the high quality and precision that goes to each and every shredder and support machine. Their customers are the reason why they began building the relationships and catering to the customers needs and desires.

Pat Allegheny industrial shredding company offers a service and technical support team may arise while using their industrial shredders and support machines. Allegheny is here to provide expert solutions as your business changes and grows. They even share their past successes and failures they have learned from helping thousands of thousands of development successful industrial shredders and operations in the past five decades. Allegheny’s customers all agree that the Allegheny Way of taking care of customers in the value benefit of doing business with the leading manufacturer of industrial shredders in the world.

Allegheny’s relationships with their customers are just as solid as their industrial shredders. Not only did they offer a premium product they also offer excellent support and technical help after the sale. They are your solution in the industrial shredding industry. Allegheny has been known to work with the customers orders of intellect confidential materials, processing the material and recycling printed materials for a profit. They are also a worldwide renowned force to reckon with four creating the most reliable and long-lasting industrial shredders. But if your machine does experience any sort of issues they will immediately send over a technical assistant or customer service base team member that will be able to work you through your issue guarantees your satisfaction.

Allegheny industrial shredders prayed their sales representatives to be able to answer all of your questions and help as soon the proper selection of your industrial destruction shredder of equipment and any other optional operational machines to help increase productivity and profit within your company. Allegheny also offers technicians are available to all your new industrial shredders and systems and they are thoroughly trained to be able to train your staff at your company. You will be given all the necessary information that is needed to ensure the 100% safe and efficient operation and maintenance of your industrial shredders.

Allegheny shredding company is dedicated to the complete safety of your operators and your business environment. It is of the utmost importance to Allegheny and they cannot stress proper training and procedures when operating your industrial shredder. Allegheny shredding for the past 18 years has taken the safety aspect of their industrial shredder and has been designed and engineered with safety at the forefront of their mind. I highly encourage you to visit to check out their complete listing of industrial shredders and optional equipment. You may also give their customer service a call (724) 468-4300 or can be reached at