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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

For Allegheny’s shred the competition as the industry leading manufacturer of highest quality shredding products and services available on the market today. Allegheny has been section the top industrial shredders for the past 50+ years. They want you just read and destroy and confidential confidence. They have the ability to shred paper, hard drives and much much more. So whatever your shredding needs are, Allegheny shredders work with you to get you into the perfect shredding equipment. You may design consultation by visiting their websit and submitting your name, email and phone number on their homepage. Allegheny support team will reach out to you extremely promptly and get you into your new shredding equipment today.

Allegheny put their customers first in the whole reason why they began building a relationship with you on the initial phone call. This partnering helps Allegheny shredders evaluate what you’re industrial shredder needs may be. Enable plan and layout in your shredding facility and help streamline your document destruction to maximize output increase effeciency. Allegheny service tech support teams will respond quickly and immediately to any issue or problem that may arise during your shredding tenure. Allegheny shredders is also there to help you grow and change throughout the industry there been helping thousands of companies developed extremely successful shredding operations for the past 50+ years.

All of Allegheny shredding customers agree that the Allegheny Way is the total support of their customers in a extremely valued benefit of doing business with Allegheny shredders. Their relationships with their customers are as solid as the Allegheny industrial shredders. They also work endlessly with you in order for you to develop the most efficient means of production and in order to collect confidential materials, process them recycle your shredding materials for profit. Allegheny shredders also offer much-needed technical support. They are a world pronounce industry leader for the most reliable rugged industrial shredders. But don’t hesitate if read any reason you run into problems, the technical assistance team and customer service guarantee to get your problem fixed and get your machine back up and running in no time flat.

Allegheny shredders also offer highly and professionally trained sales members that can answer your questions and assist you in be of construction equipment and other optional equipment to meet your needs and budget. They work with you and for you to create a very cost-effective and thus the reason why they are the top industrial shredders on the market for the past 50+ years and counting. Allegheny shredders have recognized that of your shredding readers and business environment are of the utmost importance. Each and every one of their industrial shredders have built and designed with safety first and foremost. So know that when you use an Allegheny industrial shredder that you are in good and safe hands.

Allegheny industrial shredders also offer a long an extensive variety of supplies that you may need for your shredding company including plastic bags, bale ties and lubricants to keep your machine running and operating smoothly. If you have any other questions please visit or give them a call (724) 468-4300.

Industrial Shredders | Shredding with a smile.

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny shredders have been shredding with a smile for over 50+ years. So what does that mean that means not only do they offer the most comprehensive and best industrial shredders on the market today they also back it with complete customer satisfaction by having a top-notch customer sales team and support staff at your beckoning. They’re here to help you with any troubleshooting you may have would help increase your efficiency in the shredding world. Allegheny shredders offers a long include but not limited to paper shredders high-capacity shredders, cross cut shredders, security grinders, hard drives and E scrap shredders, balers, tipers, off loading systems, conveyors, auto feed systems, crush shredding system used paper shredders and security containers, plus many more equipment or system that will greatly benefit you and your shredding needs.

Allegheny industrial shredders makes a promise to their customers deliver the highest quality shredding equipment. They also have the best customer care and technical assistance to help you throughout every phase of the shredding process. Every successful company will tell you that customers are their lifeline and Allegheny shredders is more than appreciative of their customers and they are proud they have debated these relationships as long as their long-lasting complete shredding equipment. With a successful companies including many Fortune 500 companies, they continue to add to this list every day and guarantee complete 100% satisfaction on every industrial shredders and systems they provide to their customers.

Allegheny industrial shredders got their start over 45 years ago, when John Wagner invented the 15 worst power and since then Allegheny building superior industrial shredders and equipment in order to keep up with and desires of their customers whenever a client has the issue or problem Allegheny shredders comes up with innovative solutions that enable them to become more productive and more profitable as a company. They want you to be the most success your company can possibly be and they will provide highest quality industrial shredder at exceptional price points. Not long ago they had a customer request for a more efficient to feed their documents to their industrial shredder. Allegheny shredders came up with innovative auto feed system. They will develop tip optional pack for their HLS which allows for a high speed top materials for much quicker process. At this change throughout the years Allegheny shredder design team is equipped to create new solutions to meet those desires.

At the leader in industrial shredders, Allegheny shredders knows what it takes to remain the industry leading manufacturer and will constantly strive to ensure that every customer is fully satisfied, not only with their equipment but with the service beyond the sale.

Allegheny industrial shredders provide many features and capabilities and offer a wide range of shredding equipment including: cross cut shredding, single shaft grinders, hard drive shredding, bin tippers, balers, and off loading systems for mobile trucks. If you are looking for an industrial shredder Allegheny shredders have the perfect solution for you. So whatever your industrial shredders needs may be, know that Allegheny shredding is a all-in-one solution for your shredding needs. Visit their website or get a call (724) 468-4300 and help them help you into the shredders of your dreams.