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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny industrial shredders are the top quality shredders in the industry today. Hundred percent American-made, this cuts the costs required to import or pay tariffs, thus giving their customers the best pricing and deals available. Allegheny shredders are made here in Delmont, Pennsylvania have been bringing you the highest quality industrial shredders for 50+ years. Allegheny shredders are committed to providing the highest quality industrial paper and materials writers on the market, while backing it up with supreme customer service and care. They are the world’s best manufacturer for your shredding needs. They destroy confidential papers hard drives and much more at a very cost effective price for your company or home needs.

You may visit their website to schedule your free design consultation and they will reach out as soon as possible to help you with your shredding paper and material needs. They offer a one labor and parts with every new shredder you purchase in the US. There J series though offer a three years parts and labor, maximizing the value for your industrial shredders. Allegheny shredders is the only manufacture in the world that provides all five types of trading technologies. Their five types of technologies are strip cut, cross strut, crosscut, particle cut and single shaft rotary grinders. Whatever your business needs, Allegheny shredders has the right equipment to handle the job effectively.

Allegheny shredders also repair and service your shredders for the life of the machine. You heard that right repair service for the entire life of your machine, so buy with confidence and satisfaction knnowing that you have purchased a high quality industrial shredder from the number one shredder manufacturer in the world. They offer several different services to their customers including but not limited to paper shredding, hard drive shredding and material handling equipment. Allegheny shredders the top industrial shredders produce in the world, vacate dedication and commitment to all their customers that goes far beyond after the initial equipment sale.

There technician are constantly available not only to help install your shredding system but also to thoroughly train your staff and office on how to effectively and properly use their material shredding equipment. They will give you all the information that you need to ensure the safety of your work, efficient operation and the rights and proper maintenance of your equipment to keep it running for many years to come. Allegheny shredders equipment all come with a extremely comprehensive owners manual and preventive maintenance schedules, that are easy and clear to understand and keep track of your maintenance. Thus allowing your shredding operators to systematically make your industrial shredding equipment at the highest levels of productivity and not stopping for unnecessary maintenance.

Allegheny industrial shredders prides itself on providing the most cost-effective solution to their clients’needs. They handle wide array of shredding equipment and will make your job more effective, increasing your bottom line for your company. If you have any questions please log onto their website, give them a call (724) 468-4300 or feel free to shoot them an email at your earliest convenience It’s your turn to know why Allegheny shredders is the number one manufacturer of industrial shredders.

Industrial Shredders | Shredding the competition

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny shredders is the top industrial shredders manufacturer, not only in the United States, but in the world. They shred the competition and there is no comparison in regards to quality built shredding equipment and customer service. Allegheny shredders is the best manufacturer of industrial shredders and has been leading the industry for over 50+. They can provide you about everything from professional consulting to topple line equipment backed by the best support and service in the industrial shredding industry. They will collect and process to recycling for-profit, Allegheny has your total shredding needs covered and they guarantee a total solution.

Allegheny shredders story starts over 50 years ago with a man named John Wagner. He began building industrial shredders to outperform the 7.5 hp paper shredder, which was the industry leader at the time. John Wagner created a paper shredder sometimes more powerful at 15 hp. since then Allegheny shredders has been industry-leading the pack and hasn’t looked back to see the competition. Allegheny promises their industrial shredders are built to last the test of time. They design, engineer and manufacture their shredders to withstand excruciating in demanding applications day in and day out. They truly are one-of-a-kind and this notion, as most companies these days use a model of planned obsolescence. But Allegheny shredders takes pride in building the highest quality industrial shredders on the market today.

They offer factory price on all their models that give their customers the biggest price benefit in the industry. All Allegheny shredders equipment is American made it manufactured at their state-of-the-art factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. This gives Allegheny industrial shredders the ability to sell their machines without a word import charges, which saves the customer substantially. They also have the strongest warranty in the shredding industry. They are extremely proud that they offer the strongest 14 and they believe that you deserve the protection for the large investment you’ve made and purchase their top-of-the-line industrial shredders or material handling machines. They have over 50 years of dedicated customer satisfaction. Allegheny shredders has been operated for the past 50 years and continue leading the pack in the shredding industry. They are not a fly-by-night company and firmly stand behind their American-made equipment. They also record all of their destruction, some rest easy that year information will be destroyed securely and privately for customers in the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania.

Allegheny industrial shredders provide the highest level of destruction for a wide range of materials. They have extremely powerful solution for the complete destruction of a long wide range of materials including but not limited to paper, wood, that of ways, plastic and e-scrap products. They also offer the patent pending SelecSh which allows the operators to be able to switch the screen size with a simple push of button. If you are currently in the market looking for an industrial shredder that has the ability to destroy a variety of materials at an extremely high level construction and look no further than Allegheny security grinders and single shaft shredders. This is a extremely powerful and flexible solution to your shredding needs.

This is their proprietary single shaft rotary design with fully adjustable screen size, the security grinder is specifically designed for a single stage dump and run destruction of paper document medical waste, would, plastic, printers waste and e-scarp materials. Whatever your industrial shredding needs are Allegheny industrial has the solution. Visit them online give them a call (724) 468-4300 or even email and they will be more than happy to assist you in purchasing the shredder that fits your needs.