Industrial Shredders | Best employees and material handing equipment

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Is safety a priority when it comes to your industrial shredders equipment? How can you trust that the company that you were choosing to work with values this as well? If you’re looking for the organization is going to do it be dedicated to building the best operating shredding products, then Allegheny is who you were looking for. They have been in business for over 50 years providing extreme benefits for the clients that they work with. Check out our reviews if you don’t believe me.

You’re not going to walk away disappointed with Allegheny because we are dedicated in a way that no one else is. We’ve been extremely focused for the last fifty plus years and that’s why the top 10 facilities in the world trust to work with us. We have an entire team of Engineers that is going to go to bat for you in creating the product that you need. Customers ask for something specifically, we don’t roll our eyes or get discouraged, instead we get excited to create something unique for you.

our entire organization is designed to serve you and it has been that way since 1967. Since we’ve been doing this for over 50 years this is one reason why you can trust us. 9 out of 10 businesses fail and we have made it this long which means that we obviously have figured it out. We have lots of experience standing behind the work that we do. So it’s not like we’re just taking a shot in the dark at creating these false reading. Instead we’ve been perfecting our crops for the last several years.

we also offer support for the life of your machine so that you don’t ever have to feel like you were stranded. That’s because we hire the best employees and we maintain a culture of integrity and enthusiasm. Because we know that other companies are here to take every penny from you and then not worry about whether or not your business is going to survive. Because every purchase really matters when you were starting out on a company. Heck, they always matter even if you loss of Revenue. However, you really can’t sacrifice to make one wrong move when you were starting your business.

We are aware that these machines are an investment that you would be making and that’s why we build industrial shredders that are going to last. We don’t want our name to ever be in the mud because we created a machine that left you in debt only for you to not get the results that you were looking for. Instead we offer machines with a standard one-year warranty as our gift to you for your peace of mind. If this is not enough for you then we can extend that warranty for up to 10 years per your request. We do this because we truly care about you we want to offer you a realistic approach to building the company of your dreams within your budget.

Industrial Shredders | What’s shreddin’?

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you shopping around for industrial shredders for your facility? Does your office and accounting team need something particular for their Laura alone but you also need something a little bit more aggressive for the shop? if you want to work with the facility that is able to manufacture all 5 major types of shredders, Allegheny is the only place you will find what you’re looking for! And lucky for you we offer it at factory pricing, so good luck trying to beat that anywhere else.

I’m confident that you won’t find our pricing anywhere else. And if you do then you might, almost guaranteed, that you will have to sacrifice a lot of the quality of the product that you were getting. That’s because they probably haven’t been in business as long as we have. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years and that’s why we are able to offer the best pricing for you while building our machines with the best materials.

sure, you could maybe cut financially but it might hurt you in the long run when your machine is going down on you and you’re missing deadlines. Those things can really cost you money later on. It doesn’t do you any good to have a machine in your office that is unreliable. And that’s what a lot of our clients that have used anyone in the past have experience. Once they have chosen to work with us they all realize that they have a whole team of support throughout the lifetime of their Machine.

The value that you get from our team alone is going to outdo anyone else out on the market. What I mean by this is that our customer service team is phenomenal and they are known for being super easy to work with. And fax them of our customers who said that they felt like they were part of our family because we treated them so well. That’s because respected professional we’re going to our foundations of our company that we have built on cell phone.

in 2019, we know that everyone is easily offended these things. But luckily for us we built our industrial shredders company on core values of honesty integrity and professionalism over 50 years ago. So this isn’t a New Concept for us to try to implement. Instead we have created a culture on the foundation of principles that we are proud to hold. We don’t do jobs that we would be proud to put our name Advocates of standing behind the work that you do. In a world where so many people are entitled, Allegheny is not a company that uses this mindset. Instead we operate off of a merit-based pay, meaning that if we don’t provide results for you, then you shouldn’t want to work with us. But we’re confident that we do provide extreme results, so give us a call.