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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you in the market for the world’s greatest industrial shredders? Well congratulations you found them here at Allegheny shredders, the shredding industry icon since 1967. Allegheny shredders has been manufacturing top align shredders for the past 50+ years. They are top of the industry and destroying confidential paper, hard drives and much much more. Allegheny shredders has a few different services they offer to their customers including paper shredding equipment, hard drive shredding equipment, and material handling equipment.

There’s a reason why the top 10 facilities throughout the world trust Allegheny shredders as their industrial shredders manufacturer of choice. They have more than 50 years of time proven experience. Every new shredder in the US comes with a one-year parts and labor included. They are the only shredding producer who manufactures all five shredding technologies, strip that, cross cut, crush red, particle cut and single shaft rotary grinders. Allegheny shredders also repair and service are shredders for the life of the machine, guaranteed. They also are able to extend your warranty on your industrial shredders for up to 10 years.

If you’re in the market for industrial shredders, and looking for a paper shredder look no further than Allegheny shredders. They offer three models of their J series paper shredders. Model J 25, model J 45 and model J 45 with one horsepower. These are your best options for extremely compact industrial shredders that facilitate a reliable and cost-effective solution for your business and security needs. Allegheny shredders, they general office use and can handle a higher capacity use for the large corporations. Under their high-capacity shredders Allegheny offers three series. The Allegheny cross cut shredder, 16 series shredders, 100 series shredders, 1000 series shredders. Each one of the shredders is a different way of covering what your business needs in order to accomplish all your industrial shredders needs.

Allegheny industrial shredders offer some and innovative technology in the shredding industry.. They offer secure distractions for high-volume applications, and utilizing the two stage process. Cross threading is a much smaller shred size than the conventional strip cut shredding. This offers the maximum level of confidence that your paper products will be securely disposed of. Cross threading technology is extremely cost effective but also increase the system’s overall throughput. Allegheny shredders also offer custom material shredding. John Wagner build his first time industrial shredder for the paper shredding industry well over 45 years ago. This 15 hp motor, which was the major feet at the time. Allegheny has now built superior industrial shredding equipment in response to the needs and wants of their clients. There are no problems only solutions and Allegheny shredders of purchases to create the most innovative shredders on the market.

I encourage you to visit their website to view their full line of paper shredding and equipment. I guarantee they will have a shredder specifically designed for whatever your business or home needs may be. You may also reach out by phone (724) 468-4300 or send them an email to request free quote Buy with confidence knowing, that your shredding needs are in good hands at Allegheny shredders.

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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Shred with the best at Allegheny shredders, the top producer of industrial shredders in the industry. Whatever your need may be in shredding rest easy knowing Allegheny shredders has got you covered. Allegheny shredders is the ultimate manufacturer of high quality industrial shredders and has been leading the industry in treading for over 50+ years. They are able to provide you a comprehensive list of shredding machines and equipment, unlike most of their competitors who only offer a small line of shredding products. They also have some of the best service and support in the industrial shredding industry, Allegheny shredders can collect and recycle for profit making Allegheny the total solution in your shredding needs.

A brief history of Allegheny shredders. John Wagner began constructing the most powerful industrial shredder to outperform the current 7.5 hp paper shredder that was the most part at that time. So he invented the most powerful industrial shredder at the time a 15 hp shredder which effectively double the horsepower from the previous industry leading shredder. Allegheny shredders is committed to providing the most apparel and reliable equipment to handle all of your destructive and security needs. All Allegheny shredders are built to last the test of time. Allegheny will engineer, design and manufacture its industrial shredders to withstand the most extreme demanding applications that their customers can put it through.

Allegheny equipment is made right here in America and they are manufactured at their factory in Delmont Pennsylvania. This cuts the cost of importing or exporting, thus passing on the cost savings to the customer. So buy American-made and help American companies. Allegheny stands behind all of their industrial shredders and they are extremely proud to offer the strongest warranty in the industry. They strongly believe that you deserve protection for your investment of their shredding equipment. Been a family-owned and operated company Allegheny shredders has been consistently leading the pack in the shredding industry for well more than 50 years.

And you can rest easy knowing that Allegheny shredders records on their destruction securely and effectively, giving you peace of mind that none of you or your businesses private information will be leaked out to the public. which is a major concern and a lot of other industrial shredding companies. Your privacy is one of our main goals and we ensure to deliver on our promises. Allegheny shredding equipment is 100% American. Thus allowing them to sell their products without excess tariff or shipping charges. Allegheny sells their shredding equipment at factory prices solidifying that you receive the maximum value with your industrial shredders.

However one of the biggest savings benefit is from the quality of our equipment. Our industrial shredders are built to last and stand the test of constant use. Year end and your out without trouble of breaking down costing you dearly on repairs. Buy with confidence when you buy with Allegheny shredders, they pride themselves on providing the most cost-effective solutions to their customers shredding and destroying needs. They even offer to collect and recycle the shredded materials for profit. Go visit their website or give them a call (724) 468-4300 to request your free quote and get to shredding with the best today.