Industrial Shredders | Too blessed to be stressed

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Can you imagine working with industrial shredders companies that actually do it may concern when you call about your obstacle? Are you tired of working with other companies that have a standard of but not really caring after they pay the sale? Maybe your business is just starting out and you can’t afford to make one wrong move especially when it comes to purchasing expensive equipment. Don’t risk it with the other guys and instead should work with Allegheny because we’ve been doing this for over 50 years with satisfied clients.

Do you have a lot of tires in your Warehouse that need to be recycled? One of the best ways to do this is with an industrial Shredder that can tackle this type of project. We would be able to get your tires down two tiny little chips that make it easier for you to ship off for recycling. It will also save you and Freight because it will take up less space. Imagine what you could do with all that space in your office.

Your Warehouse has been missing out with all of these tires taking up every bit of space possible. When you are able to clear them out of there by having industrial shredders in place that can tackle you Progressive materials, then you are able to save yourself money. Saving yourself money is everything that you need to be doing as a business owner, we totally comprehend that because we started as a small family-owned company over 50 years ago as well. That’s why we are crafty and Innovative when it comes to finding ways to save you money.

By being able to recycle these materials you’re going to give yourself the option to repurpose the chips of rubber tire into possibly even creating asphalt for the workshop at your office. Recycling this is one way that you can take better care of the environment and the universe. We are all about being resourceful and recycling when we can. That’s why we are really suggesting that you consider this as a solution for those tires that continue to accumulate at your Workshop. but if you also need just a regular old Shredder, we have those as well.

Working with Allegany is super wonderful because our staff is compassionate and professional. You won’t ever feel like you’re being disrespected or like someone is talking over you or that we don’t care. We don’t deal with lazy attitudes and we hire people who are go-getters and problem solvers. Sometimes our clients are frustrated with previous people they have worked with because they hired them to solve a problem but then still ended up having to solve it themselves. He’ll never feel like that was Allegheny because we always go above and beyond create Solutions and we think outside of the box and our approach to getting you the answers that you need. We are also experts, so give us a call.

Industrial Shredders | 50 years is a long time, right?

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

50 years is a long time to be building industrial shredders, right? Wouldn’t you say that this is a pretty good amount of time for us to be able to know what we’re doing right now. There are other companies that are just starting out that you could choose from, but you really would be making the best decision by working with someone that has been around for a while like us. We’ve been creating solutions for our clients since 1967 and we aren’t stopping any time soon.

since we have over 50 years of experience cuz that means that you can really trust the guidance that we have. Instead of feeling like we are just trying to sell you something or to get a product out of our warehouse, you can really feel like we value you because we do. We showed us and the products that we offer at the best pricing. When you work with Allegheny you won’t have to pay over what the Factory pricing is.

You can cut your expenses when it comes to working with us because you won’t find prices out there that are better. Well, you might find prices that are little bit better but you’re going to sacrifice a lot of qualities to work with them. That isn’t something that you should risk especially as a business owner who is starting out. It’s already hard enough to run your business without one less headache on your plate, but if you aren’t careful you could end up with a machine that is more of a problem than it is a solution.

We do not settle when it comes to the results that we are going to provide for her clients. We know that it’s there are so many other options out there that are operating under this type of mindset and we are not going to be one of them. We set ourselves apart from any other of the companies in this industry because we should really do like the work that we do. We love having the ability to put our name on a product that we are proud of. That’s because this is a craft for us not just something that we do to pay our bills.

When we went into this we knew that we had a talent when it came to building industrial shredders, and that’s why we have been pouring ourselves into it for the last several years. Since 1967 we have been refining our processes and our machines to make sure that they are the top notch quality that you were expecting. Having a machine breakdown on you continually as something that you do not want your office. Not only is it a pain, but it also actually causes you to lose money by throwing you behind in your production. You don’t want that, so called Allegheny and leave the other guys behind.