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This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Do you have a need for industrial shredders at your company but you have several different times that you need and you want to stick with one particular place? Have you found this is actually a little bit difficult because there aren’t very many out there who are able to specialize in more than one type? Actually, Allegheny is the only one who is able to manufacture all five major types of these products. We design an engineer can manufacture shredding equipment to withstand the most aggressive project.

Simply design engineer these products rather than Outsourcing it to someone else, we are very aware of the entire process of our machines being made. In fact we are at one single facility which is our Factory that you are welcome to visit. We open up our Factory for 4 so that you can have an idea but not only the product that we made before is standing behind the work that we do. We are very proud and passionate of the type of work that we do because it provides extreme results for our clients.

We realized back a long time ago that there was no sort of industrial shredders out there on the market that were getting things done for business owners. So we saw a need for it and we created a solution. Ever since then we’ve been working really hard to stay with the top leading company in this industry. That’s why the top 10 facilities trust us in the world because we are reliable and our machines last for years and years. That’s because we use the best materials when we crafted them.

We are selective in our hiring and recruiting process because the people within an organization are actually the foundation of it. Since we’ve been doing this for over 50 years, we are very protective of the culture we have established here. Our culture is ran based on our core values. Some these include honesty and integrity as our first priorities. This may seem like a cliche thing to say, but when you read our 5 star reviews you will see that I am being for real. Building the best equipment for you means that it takes consistency and hard work as well as expertise.

If there is a custom industrial shredders series that you need milk for you, just let us know. Basically if you don’t ask me to do can’t ever receive. You won’t walk away disappointed when you work with us because we are going to always do everything we can to help you. We are confident that we will be able to help you because we have the company that stands out about the rest. Since 1967 we’ve been building the best part of cuts and strip cut out there on the market to the most affordable pricing. You won’t ever have to pay more than the factory pricing because we have built the steady consistency that allows us to save you money.

Industrial Shredders | Do you want to be disappointed or satisfied?

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Industrial shredders can be a little bit overwhelming to shop for. That’s because there are so many different features and options out there that are available to you. And so many different companies that you could choose to work with. How can you be sure that you’re making the right decision and moving in the right direction for the company that you are building up? Is important that you do not waste a single penny as you are building up your startup company.

We Understand how crucial it is to save every dollar possible especially when you are a new business owner. Most businesses don’t make it past the first year, and even less of them make it past the first five years. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years which means that we have it figured out and were able to make it past those Growing Pains. That’s why we are so empathetic when it comes to helping other business owners have the equipment they need for affordable pricing.

We are empathetic because we understand how every dollar can make an impact on the growth or the death of your business. It really is very crucial that you save every dollar possible while not cutting out benefits that you need. Friend since we know that you need this machine in your workshop for it to operate at its full capacity. It but you are a little bit nervous about making a big purchase like this. We totally understand. You care.

That’s why our products come with a warranty of one year as our gift to you for choosing to work with us. This gives you a little more wiggle room with your purchase to not have to worry about buyer’s remorse. Another thing we’re going to consider as what type of job application you will be using this machine for. Are hard drive shutters are equipped with gravity fed and put shoot an aggressive coach Cutters. This gives you the power that you were looking for without it being super noisy in the process. Because, driving through a bunch of metal could be really annoying is not engineered properly.

The industrial shredders that you have in your office are very crucial to the productivity that will take place in your Workshop. If you’re looking for the highest heat capacity than a strip cut is probably what you’re looking for. The strip cut also is going to require less willing and has a similar mechanism going to shred through faster. But if you need a higher level of security than you probably need to consider the Crosscut or the micro cut. It requires fewer bag changes but it’s going to require a little bit more maintenance because it is a more complex cut meaning that your blades are being used more.