Industrial Shredders | Simplifying the process

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Looking for industrial shredders that can help you tackle is more aggressive materials like old tires? Is safety a priority for you because you don’t want to have to worry about any sort of workman’s comp place to get hurt? we totally value this and safety is a number one priority for us with Allegheny. Whether we are building paper shredding equipment or materials shredding equipment for you we are always going to hold this as our number one priority.

We Build equipment that is going to be better for you and that included safety as the top of Mind awareness. We hire the best employees that we can trust a really implement the processes that we have in place. We have been refining our processes for over the last 50 years and that’s why we do not budge or cut Corners. You have worked really hard to create the culture and environment that we have as well as a simplified processes that make your life easier.

Other companies may be trying to take every penny from you and drain your bank account or your budget. They may want to have saw you on machines and services that you don’t even need. That’s not how we operate and instead we go above and beyond to make sure that we can save you every penny along the way. In fact we’re going to save you more than just Eva Mendes. We provide extreme values for our clients because we are different from any of the others out there. We’ve been doing this since 1967 by 12 bring the best equipment for you at the most affordable pricing.

We sell our products at factory rates because we want what’s best for you and we understand that your money is your most valuable resource other than your health. After all you work really hard to keep your business going and you work really hard to create that Revenue consistently. So who are we to want to take that from your pocket, and said we want to put more of it into your account. But we do this my saving your money and offering competitive pricing that you won’t find anywhere else.

Our warranty can be extended for up to 10 years so that you can have a piece of Mind knowing that your equipment is going to last Sprint longevity. We always have longevity in mind and it’s none of our machines run for over 30 years because we put extreme care into the process of building them. We have teams that specialize in every aspect in every step of the way in the process. Are Factory pricing is a luxury that we have worked really hard for the last 50 years to create the opportunity to do. We also manufacture all five kinds of major industrial shutters.
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Industrial Shredders | One less problem to worry about

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Do you want to have one less problem to worry about especially when it comes to your industrial shredders at your facility? Are you tired of the products that you have going out on you which is costing you money by throwing you behind on your due date the production is lacking in your facility because of poor Machinery, this is something that you need to address sooner than later. Because all the time that you were draining into fixing his machines is really costing you money.

We provide solutions for our clients because we do it really I have a passion for this industry. We would love for you to visit our facility and take a tour of our Factory so that you can see for yourself the power that goes into creating something so wonderful. Of course we have series of industrial shredders that you can choose from, but if you don’t see something that you need then we will create it for you. We have Engineers on hand ready to consult with you to craft something unique and personal to what your needs are.

By doing this we are offering better Services than any of the other facilities out there. We have the best material handling equipment because we have been the premier manufacturer of high-volume for over 50 years. That’s why the top 10 civilities in the world trust us to build the better equipment that they are going to benefit from. Often times it’s important for your own clientele that you have machines that can go to work and do the job that they’re supposed to do consistently without question.

For instance if you work for a doctor’s office or anywhere else that has confidential legal documents that need to be destroyed, it’s important that you have a machine that’s actually going to shred it properly. You may need something a little bit more detailed like a particle past it’s going to take a little bit longer to stretch, but it gives a better result. You’ll have the highest level of security with this type of cut. But if you want to have just the simplest standard as a requirement than you may need to strip cut.

Our industrial shredders are all going to be particular to whatever job application you were going to have it for form. Not one particular Shredder is going to be perfect for every single scenario. That’s why it’s important to consult with the experts who’ve been doing this for a long time so that they can help sell you the machine is going to be perfect for your job application. We don’t want to sell you more or less of the machine that you need. It’s that we want write the middle of exactly what you want, even if that means building something custom for you. Our team is here to answer any questions and are extremely compassionate and easy to work with, so give us a call.