Industrial Shredders | Hard drives hold important data

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are your industrial shredders able to tackle those more aggressive project like your laptops and computers? Does that seem a little bit wild that you would even need to shred these types of documents or products? Have you been looking in the other resources and you haven’t found anything that meets your budget and the capacity that you’re meeting? We are here to build custom machines for you and we are friendly and easy to coordinate with, so go ahead and give us a call.

We have been assisting in all facets of the industry for over 50 years so that we can provide all of the services possible for you that you would need. We are the only ones who are able to manufacture all five major types of shredding machines and Equipment. That’s because we are looking to make your life easier so that you don’t have to stress yourself out throughout different Lenders who offer you different products. Instead we have everything that you need in one single location.

We have lots of years of experience since we’ve been doing this for over 50 years. Are you can trust us as the experts to give you advice and the lead you in the right direction. There are so many different machines out there, how can you ensure that the one that you were investing into is the right one for the job application you have in mind? Not one for every single job application and that’s why our experts are here to guide you along and sales process. We will consider what type of job you’ll be doing and then compare features with you.

We understand that it’s so hard to compare all of the models and features out there. It can be extremely overwhelming and that’s why our staff is here to make your life easier. Did you know that there are different music hard drive shredding? Of course these are going to be more aggressive than the ones that are going to shred through those confidential documents even if there are a large volume of them. Surprisingly enough, our hard drive Shredder is actually really quiet and is fast at destroying your laptop’s phones and other devices that carry confidential information.

We are not here to take every penny from you like those other industrial shredders companies out there. We’ve been doing this since 1967 so we have perfected our processing refined it to what it is today. That’s why the top 10 facilities in the world choose to work with us so that we can provide a perfect combination of security and efficiency to their organization. We do what others can’t because I always going above and beyond to over-deliver what our clients are expecting of us. All of us our clientele matters to us and you will have a full team of support when you choose to work with alligator I’m going to go ahead and give us a call and schedule a tour of our Factory.

Industrial Shredders | Better employees provide better results!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Have you been working with other industrial shredders companies that don’t seem to take consideration to the people that they hire? Are you tired of working with people who don’t seem to be problem-solvers and instead make you, the consumer solve all the problems? If you’re aware of this being an issue with a company that you currently work with and it’s probably time for you to move along to someone do. There are so many services that we offer and we have endless video content for you to get an idea of their products that we offer, so give us a call.

You love working with our staff because you go above and beyond and are developing everyday to refine our processes to make your life easier. Our engineer teams work together with our research and development team to provide the benefits that you’re looking for. If you’re a little bit nervous about investing into a large piece of equipment like this, no sweat because our warranty can be extended for up to 10 years. However, all of our machines come with at least one year of warranty as a standard so that you can have peace mind.

We are aware of your needs before they come up most of the time. That’s because we’ve been doing this for over 50 years and have run into a lot of needs and then. That’s why our team is here to build custom products for you anytime that you are needing it. We are aware that we may not already have what you’re looking for and that’s perfectly all right. That’s why we love having designers and Engineers on staff to meet with you personally and crafts something personalized and unique for your office and particular.

Since 1967 we’ve been dedicated to developing our processes every single day. We have been open to feedback and are not stopping anytime soon. When you do your research and check out our Google reviews you will see that several five stars that we have learned from our clients in the past. Once again, we aren’t stopping anytime soon because we have the highest standards when it comes to customer service.

We don’t leave our customers stranded like other industrial shredders companies who make the sale and then forget all about you. That’s because we don’t see you as another number in our system instead we see an opportunity to build a professional relationship to last for years to come. Because we’d really value the opportunity to work with you and when we went into business over 50 years ago this was our mission. We do what others can’t because we are literally doing what others are overlooking. If you want to work with the best paper shredding equipment company possible like the other top-10 facilities in the world, then choose Allegheny.