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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny industrial shredders are the best on the market today, with a wide range of applications they can cater to any of your shredding and destroying needs. Allegheny shredders offers a powerful tool for total destruction of wide range of material including plastics, paper, wood, medical waste and even E-scrap products. If you have a need to destroy a variety of different materials and an extremely high level of destruction Allegheny security grinder and single shaft shredder is the most powerful solution for you and your company. This utilizes their proprietary single shaft rotary design with customizable and adjustable screen sizes the security grinder is designed for a single stage destruction of paper documents, wood, medical waste, plastics, E-scraps materials and even printer waste.

Back in 2005 Allegheny industrial shredders introduced the very first single shaft industrial shutter with a adjustable screen. This SelecShred gives the shredding operators a better ability to change the screen size of their grinder with one push of a button instead of manually replacing one screen with another in order to accommodate the varying shred size requirements, which was a very time-consuming and highly constly process. The selecshred added greater flexibility and versatility of materials that can be shredded and destroyed, this makes the Allegheny security grinder the number one industrial shredder for altering high level and secure destruction.

If you are looking for easy to clean and bailing options look no further than Allegheny industrial shredders. Allegheny creates or shredders which are made to crush a shred very barking orders and tubes turning them into strips that are ideal baling this will minimize your waste disposal costs and in fact profit from recycling these materials. Allegheny core shredders can easily destroy cores and tubes that will be fed into a conveyor of heavy-duty crusher panels. Scrap rings and cardboard boxes and packaging can also be fed through a shredder with ease. This industrial shredder is the ultimate solution for cores that take up a large carbon footprint within your facility or office.

Each and every Allegheny core shredder comes complete with a input conveyor, central control panel and a base mounted gear reducer. All industrial shredders systems will be shipped hundred percent complete with wiring to each motor and each component. There are many optional custom tippers that are available with Allegheny shredders and these are made for easy delivery of cores and scraps onto the input conveyor belts. And of course all Allegheny industrial shredders come with a one-year warranty. This will save your company time and money.

All Allegheny shredding machines are made in America and manufactured in Delmont, Pennsylvania. They are proud to pass on the savings to their customers, because they save on port export charges. Allegheny industrial shredders are sold at factory prices which makes your company will receive the maximum value on your shredding investment. One of the biggest and most beneficial savings to your company quality of Allegheny shredding equipment. All of their equipment is made to last the tough and rigorous day-to-day destruction of various materials and goods. So please visit or call (724) 468-4300 and they’ll be more than happy to help you with your custom shredding needs.

Industrial Shredders | Your complete shredding solutions.

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Allegheny shredding is your go to and complete shredding solution. They are the industry leading manufacturer of high-quality material shredding and disposal. Allegheny shredders had the world’s best and greatest shredding it has been manufactured for the world 50 years. They can destroy confidential paper, hard drives and much much more. So no matter your shredding needs, Allegheny shredding is your complete shredding solution. Go ahead and schedule your free design consultation and visiting their website and submit your name, phone, and email in their friendly and expert customer service will reach out to you to get a bitter understanding of what you’re looking for with your industrial shredders.

Here is the reason why the top 10 facility across trust Allegheny industrial shredders. They have 50+ years of proven experience in the complete destruction shredding of various materials. Allegheny shredders offer one-year parts and labor with the purchase of every shredder. They only manufacturer in the world to produce all five types of shredding technologies: single shaft rotary grinders, particle cut, frosts shred, crosscut, and strip cut) there is not another shredding manufacturer in the world that offers this extensive line of goods and services. Allegheny shredders also repair and service your computer for the life of the machine and offer an extended warranty up to 10 years after the purchase your industrial shredders.

They have many satisfied customers throughout the world and continue to strive for greatness in the industrial shredders market. Jason from Royal paper stock, has been a loyal member since 1994 and he has been quoted as saying “the people and equipment at Allegheny shredders are the best in the business! We have bought several different shredders from them and never been disappointed.” Jason runs their equipment extremely rough and only on a few rare occasions have actually had a shredding machine go down that was not easily fixed. But he called their service crew and they immediately responded and got his shredder back up and running in no time. He knows that Allegheny machines are well-built and extremely durable, hands-down the best equipment for any application of shredding.

Allegheny industrial shredders are the world’s best shredders the matter your need and shredding materials. Allegheny shredders have three basic models for the J serious paper shredders. They offer the model J 25, model J 45 and model J 45 with 1 hp upgrade. These are the best options for extremely compact industrial shredders that focus on a reliable and cost-effective solution for your company’s needs. They also accommodate general office use in one or several locations in your building as well as a higher corporations. Allegheny shredders also use high-capacity shredders and they have three different series that are all conveyor fed industrial shredders and manufactured to meet your specific shredding desires. The three models are the 16 series spreaders, which are used by one operator in our extremely first totally quiet but yet very powerful.

The crosscut shredders, which is made exclusively for paper shredding company have a extremely high output of volume, but also have the need for a smaller or secured disposal. And then they wonder series shredders, these industrial shredders are made and designed for either one or two operators to process. These machines can turn out 1 to 2 1/2 tons per hour! Now that’s an insane amount of paper! Whatever your shredding needs may be please reach out to Allegheny shredding at (724) 468-4300 or visit their website to request your free consultation or view all the different options available for your shredding needs.