Industrial Shredders | A Phone Call Away

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Don’t you love working with those companies that insure and remind you that they are just one phone call away when you need them? But is your industrial shredders company like this or did are you on this page because you’re looking for something new? Have you been disappointed with the previous company that you work with and you want the machines that are going to last you for years to come? having the machines that are going to really make an impact in your office are going to make a breaker company.

Don’t risk it with the other guys if you’re needing something special created for you. They may try to sell you into something that they’ve already created or something that they are just trying to get out of their warehouse. Perhaps maybe they’re just going to try to shove off an old model on to you and sell it at full price when really it’s back in the warehouse for a reason. We build machines that are really going to make an impact for you.

we don’t have to go through a board of directors to have a project approved. So if you come to us and have a specific need that you want or a specific feature to go on to your machine, we can get started on it right away. Other companies have to go through the board of directors and it’s possible that you are project may not even be approved. Could you imagine waiting around for that approval only to be disappointed? That’s not for me that you would have to deal with with Allegheny because we don’t have that in place.

The reason we don’t have a board of directors to stand over her shoulders is because it’s simply just slows down our productivity. We have a crew that we trust and we have systems in place that have been refined over the last 50 years. We’ve been doing this since 1967 and that’s why our Factory is somewhere that you would want to visit. When you visit rfactor you will see what I mean about having the best staff in place that is going to truly make you feel welcome. That’s because we love what we do we are passionate about industrial shredders.

You’re not going to walk away disappointed with us as your industrial shredders company like you may have in the past with other organizations. We have insights to your needs and are going to be the only company that can manufacture all five major types of shredders an hour one facility. Being in one single location at convenience to your life because you won’t have to separate your expenses through different vendors and can instead keep all of your business in once in a location. Which means that any services or service calls can be directed and wanting to place as well. Check out our website to see why we are the top company in this industry.

Industrial Shredders | You can lean on us.

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

How to previous industrial shredders company let you down because they didn’t build the equipment that was actually going to last? And then when their equipment went out you called on them like you thought would be helpful, but they just frustrated you even more. Maybe they left you stranded in the deep end with this big machine and no sense of the repair inside. If you’re looking for a company that’s going to be there for you throughout the lifetime of your machine then allegheny is exactly the company you are searching for.

Rest assured knowing that we don’t have to go through a board of directors for any of our projects. What does this mean for you exactly? Well that’s a good question, but it has a big impact on you. The way that it affects you is that if you hire us to build a custom machine for you, you won’t have to wait around to see if it’s going to be approved. And you also don’t have to risk it not being approved at all.

Instead since we don’t have a board of directors, We Trust our system that we have in place and it’s been working for us for the last 50 years. We are confident in our ability to provide the results that you were looking for and that’s why we don’t need a board of directors. We have an entire team of Engineers and designers who are experts at what they do and has the proof to show it in the work that we perform. I mean, if you check out our five star reviews on Google you will see that I am not just saying this. Check it out for yourself.

It’s really disappointing when you purchase is a little bit overwhelming only for you to have to feel buyer’s remorse afterwards because you didn’t trust the organization after the sale was made. That’s why we really encourage you to visit our Factory so that you can get to know us before you feel pressured into buying anything. We are confident and you will love working with us because we hire people that are easy to communicate with Dad are going to be concerned about what your needs are.

Are industrial shredders are made from better material and that’s why they last for years on years on years. We design engineer best and most aggressive job project. But, it is important to consider that not one particular Shredder is going to be perfect for every job application. That’s why our design team is here in our Factory working side-by-side with us to make sure we are always on the same page. Are engineering teams go above and beyond to work with are development teams to create better products for you that you will really adore for the next 30 plus years.