Industrial Shredders | Over 50 years means we know whats up

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

What other industrial shredders facility do you know that manufactures all five major types of machines? I’ll wait, because there is no one else out there who is doing what we are doing. That’s why we aren’t able to do more for our clients because we’re going above and beyond and waste of nobody else is. We operate from Once in the location which is our Factory which gives us an advantage to offer you the most competitive pricing. Check out our website to see our video content!

If you are unable to schedule a tour of our facility than we really encourage you to visit our website and check out the videos of the machine that we have. It really does make a difference to see them actually in action when it comes to paper shredding or other materials Redding. We have aggressive machines that are able to power through a hard drive and other half materials. But if you are only going to be shredding documents in an accounting office then you wouldn’t need to purchase such a machine.

That’s why it’s important to know what volume you will be shredding and what type of material you will be shredded. That way we can guide you to make the best financial investment when it comes to deciding on such a big powerful machine. The best way for you to really understand who we are and what we are about as to visit our Factory though. Cuz not only will you get to see our machines and action, but you’ll get to meet our staff that is the brains behind the curtain.

We really appreciate the staff that works for us because we have been so picky in our recruiting process. We don’t let negative energy or negative attitudes into our culture. If they happen to slip by the recruiting process and make it into a culture we discover that they’re not who they said they are, we simply let them down. That’s because we understand how important it is to have a team that is all on one page and is working for a common goal. Anyone that disrupt this is a cancer to our organization and we don’t keep them around.

We don’t keep them around to serve as industrial shredders experts because we are very particular about the type of customer service that we deliver for our client. We are known for being super easy to work with going to change anytime soon. We hire people that we would be cool with hanging out with in our own free time. That’s because our recruiting process is set up to filter through for the most qualified candidates that also have the character. Sometimes you can hire skill without having someone that has a character that is favorable, and it’s going to be an issue. That’s why we always ensure that we are going to hire both, so give us a call because you loved working with us.

Industrial Shredders | Resources for options

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

Are you looking to work with industrial shredders companies that are going to give you resources in options? Are you tired of feeling like when you go into a big purchase like this that you get steamrolled? Are you looking for a company that’s been in business for over 50 years and actually knows what they’re doing and has a reputation of favor? Check out our website and do your research on our reviews and they will see that we have several five stars to prove that we are the real deal. We truly care about you so give us a call.

We have so many options when it comes to the services that we offer as far as the products and machines available to you. As a matter of fact you are off sections are endless because we actually are able to create custom machines for you. I thought we have already is not going to meet what your needs are then you are capable of controlling with us to be able to craft something unique. We do this because we want what is best for you and we go above and beyond to make sure that you are able to access it.

Check out our website to see our video content so that you can see our actual machines and action. There isn’t another company out there that is able to manufacture all five major industrial shredders. That’s because they haven’t been doing it for as long as a snore how they built their company on a solid foundation like we have. We are able to help you with article cuts and Crossroads as well as those single shaft rotary Grinders. We operate at a higher level insights what your needs are.

Having inside to your needs has come with our experience. Since we’ve been doing this for so long we have run into several things along the way. That’s how we have been able to refine our processes and our machines to better serve you. We have lots of experience and that’s why we won’t take advantage of you because we are constantly looking for ways to make your life better. A design and Engineering teams love working here because it keeps them on their toes with the ability to build custom products for you.

We went into business as industrial shredders experts over 50 years ago with the intention of bringing true benefits to our clients lives. We offer the best office equipment all the way to Industrial shredding equipment. where the premier manufacturer of high-volume shredding equipment that you won’t find anywhere else. If you want to work with the cheapest prices then maybe go with another company that will probably disappoint you within a year or two. But if you want to work for the company that’s here for the Long Haul to support you too, Allegheny is the place to be.