Industrial Shredders | Benefits to owning Allegheny shredders

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There are many benefits to owning and operating Allegheny industrial shredders. With a wide array of specific shredding equipment, they will help you shred anything and everything that you need to get the job accomplised. Allegheny produce the world’s greatest and best shredding equipment manufactured for the past 50+ years. Destroy with confidence and with security. This’ll give me peace of mind whenever you are properly disposing of highly secure documents and materials, that you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands.

Allegheny industrial shredders have over 50 years of time proven experience and dedication to delivering the highest quality shredding equipment on the market today. They also offer one-year labor and parts plan with the purchase of every new shredder in the United States of America. Allegheny shredding is the only manufacturer to produce all five types of shredding technologies; strip cut, cross shred, strip cut, particle cut, and single shaft rotary grinders. Allegheny also repairs and services all of their shredders sold for the complete life of your shredding machine. You also have the opportunity to extend your warranty for upwards to 10 years, which is unheard of in the paper shredding industry.

The founder of Allegheny shredding, John Wagner first created his industrial shredders over 45 years ago. While the competition back there today was okay seven in a half horsepower motor shredder. John double down on horsepower and created 15 hp motor which was an extremely amazing feat at the time since the Allegheny industrial shredders that built the most superior industrial shredding equipment in order to better service the needs of their customers. Whatever customers have a problem, Allegheny’s ready come up with a unique solution that is able to And help the customer become more profitable and productive.

Allegheny shredding is the number one, superb manufacturer of industrial shredders and leading the industry for well over 50 years. Allegheny helps provide you with everything you may need in your shredding and disposal needs. They offer consultation on their superior equipment and make back all of this with the best service and support in the industrial shredding industry. They even collect and process for recycling, whatever your needs may be Allegheny promises a total solution it’ll be your best friend and industrial shredders market. For well over 50 years Allegheny still remains the industry leading paper and materail shredding company.

Its their commitment to their customers that make them stand out from the competition they bend over backwards in order to guarantee complete satisfaction with each and every shredding machine they sell. All of their industrial shredders are made and manufactured
here in the good old United States America
! They are proud to be American and proud to offer you factory pricing on every single piece of shredding equipment they offer. So buy with confidence knowing that there are multiple benefits to owning and operating an Allegheny shredder. Please visit their website Allegheny website and read more about their specific shredding applications or give him a call at (724) 468-4300 and schedule your free design consultation as soon as you’re ready to start shredding. Give Allegheny shredding a chance and they how they stack up and shred the competition.

Industrial Shredders | American made industrial shredders

This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

All Allegheny shredding equipment is 100% American made and manufactured here at their factory in Delmont, Pennsylvania. Allegheny industrial shredders of the highest quality materials, built to last rigorous use and every shredders sold comes with a free one year parts and labor warranty. So you can use without fear knowing that Allegheny shredding has your back and will help you with any of your industrial shredding needs. Allegheny shredding cells all of their shredding products without a export or import charges, thus cutting costs drastically on the bottom line of their shredding equipment. They pass the savings directly onto you, the customer. When you own an Allegheny industrial shredders you know they are made from the highest quality materials. The notate my word for it just Any of Allegheny customers, all of their shredding equipment is built the last and perform year in and year out without costly repairs or pesky breakdowns, which slows down production and productivity of your company.

Allegheny industrial shredders pride themselves on providing the most cost effective answers to their customers need. They even collect and process for recycling for a profit. They are the number one manufacturer of industrial shredders and have been leading the market for 50+ years. They will be able to provide you support this and provide everything from consulting to excellent superior equipment backed by the best service and support. John Wagner the man who had the vision to create a more powerful shredder was revolutionizing the industrial shredder industry, people often extremely powerful 15 hp shredder, which was unheard of at that time. Compared to the standard in the industry at that time of only 7.5 hp engine. Since then John Wagner hasn’t looked back in Blazing the trail for more efficient and powerful industrial shredders.

All Allegheny shredders are built to last. They design engineer all of their industrial shredders in order to withstand the most demanding applications and uses in the industry. All Allegheny shredding equipment is made here in America and manufactured Delmont, Pennsylvania. This allows them to sell their products without any extra import or export charges. This producing the total cost that the consumer will pay.

Allegheny are so confident in their shredders that they are proud to offer the strongest and longest warranty in the industrial shredding industry. Allegheny stands in line shredders and believe that you deserve the ultimate protection for the substantial investment in which he made by purchasing one of their industrial shredders or material handling equipment.

With over 50 years of excellent customer care and their dedication to complete customer satisfaction. You can buy with confidence knowing exactly what you will get in an Allegheny industrial shredders. They don’t cut any corners as their shredders are made with the highest materials in good possible. This is a cheap Chinese built industrial shredder, this is a true, American-made machine that will not let you down year after year going to rigorous use an application. If you’re interested in procuring your own industrial shredders visit or give their friendly staff a call at (724) 468-4300 emails to reach them via They are extremely eager to get you the exact shredder you need for your needs.