Industrial Shredder | Optimize your Security!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

How’s your business grown so much that you were needing an Industrial Shredder ? Well first of all congratulations because that you have created such success that a lot of people do not come across. You have spent many years working on this Vision that you have and we are helping you continue operating at a higher level of standards. Working with us means that you will have a warranty and can be extended up to a 10 years so you would receive the best security.

You may be wondering why you should trust working with us and we are perfectly alright with you having this concern. But that is not to say that we won’t clear this up for you. When you work with us we guarantee that you are going to have a one-year parts and labor warranty with every new Shredder that you purchase. This means that you can see for yourself how well our equipment works but we are very confident you will love how efficient it is.

Let’s talk about money for just a second. We know that you work really hard to create the bank account that you have and do not want to spend any more than necessary on something as simple as a shredder. That’s a valid feeling to have because we know you want to spend your money on stuff that you enjoy doing with your family and friends. But you do know that making sure your documents shredded properly to create the security you need in your business is an essential. That’s why we offer Factory prices for you so that you can save every penny possible when working with us.

We over deliver what is expected of us because we have found that this is basically just the best business practice that we could be in alignment with. We are developing everyday because we are aware that your needs are going to increase as your business grows. Once again we’re excited about your business growing and that’s why we are here with any new needs a comes up. Our team is here to stand behind you and providing the most secure document shredding that you can rely on. You’re more than just a transaction to us because we don’t want you to settle for less.

you deserve the top notch industrial Shredder for that company that you have worked so hard to create. We know that it took years of no reward to get through that turning points of when your business became profitable. Now that it’s at that level you have an extreme duty to protect your clients personal information as well as the financial information of your own company. You need the shredder that is going to take on those more aggressive jobs because your volume has increased. We take this very seriously and find joy in serving you so give us a call today and we would even love for you to come visit our Factory.

Industrial Shredder | More aggressive products with friendly staff!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Communication is a two-way street and that’s why we are looking to make life easier for you as your industrial Shredder company. You know when you work with us that you were signing up to build a relationship with us that’s going to over deliver your expectations. We are simply super productive on the job site because we went to offer the many options to you in effective communication and productivity. We are aware that you want a risk-free type of transaction and that’s what we are here to do. We need your feedback once you do work with us because we value getting better every day.

There are five main types of shredders in the industry and we are the only manufacturer who creates all five of those at our Factory. Other companies May specialized and one or two of these and can possibly meet your needs but I guarantee they are not as passionate about shredding paper like we are. We won’t take advantage of you because we are so thankful that you have chosen to work with us. We are a family-owned company turn it out small and so we know the process it takes to grow and build relationships.

When we first started out we had a big vision and now we have accomplished that because of loyal customers like you. It has also taken a lot of diligence on our part to make sure we are offering the best customer service for you that you can trust and rely on. It also is important that we are kind and compassionate and answering your question so that you are not intimidated to ask us any questions. Some things may seem like common sense to us but we are aware that shredding is its own industry that is often overlooked.

When we went into business we had the vision of wanting to make your life easier. We know that there were no other machines out there on the market who could do what we had the vision to do. We have worked hard to build this business because we want what is best for you and provide the services necessary to take your business to the next level. You can focus your energy on for your business not on making sure that your documents are securely destroyed. Your energy is very valuable and so we take the weight off of your plate.

Choosing us to build your industrial Shredder means choosing peace of mind for you and your clients. We are capable of building such machines that can last for years to come because we are educated and experienced in this industry. While some machines may require more maintenance because they take on bigger projects we also have those more personalized smaller machines for the office. Whatever your needs maybe with shredding equipment we have got you covered. We have the confidence necessary to work with you to personalize a unique machine for your particular industry and facility. Let’s get started today.