Industrial Shredder | Safety is Priority

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Finding an industrial Shredder that not only gets the job done but is also going to be safe can be quite of a challenge in this industry. I can be a challenge if you hadn’t heard of us before but now that you have that we have the solutions for you. When you visit our Factory you will see that we are so dedicated to safety as a priority. We have been in business since 1967.

Since we’ve been in business for over 50 years of safety has been a priority for us since day one. That’s because he’s equipment whether they be small or large can do damage if they’re not crafted carefully. We have lots of experience in this industry and we want what’s best for you so we are constantly striving to make our equipment more friendly to you. Our equipment is very aggressive and can get the job done for those higher security needs. That’s why we are developing every day to make our equipment safer for you. We love shredding paper.

Since we have been in business for so long we have been valuing the safety of you and our own employees the entire Journey. There’s no one out there that is going to be ideal for every application of shredding projects and job. That’s why we have a team that is going to train you how to properly use those more shredding equipment needs that you have. Because we are looking to make life easier for you and want to make sure that you are fully taken care of when you choose to work with us. Our customer service will over deliver what you were looking for because we are the company that stands Above the Rest.

Standing above the rest to us means that we are going to do what others will not because we have the diligence in order to do it. It’s quite possible that you may just need a simple strip cut personalized Shredder at your office but what if you needed something bigger and more powerful? It would be important that we didn’t only saw you the equipment we also make sure you knew how to operate it safely. This also includes maintenance.

Industrial Shredder | You need us in your life!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

When you maintenance your industrial Shredder it’s important that you know how to do it properly so that you can avoid any sort of injury or Cuts or anything of that nature. Our shutters are built to last and are aggressive and taking on higher volume jobs that’s why they can be dangerous if not handled properly. We aren’t here to take advantage of you so our team is going to be on standby to help you with any maintenance questions or operating concerns. We need your feedback so call us today so that we can listen to what your concerns are and address them accurately. Your business is greatly appreciated by our team.

That other industrial Shredder leave you hanging without you getting your documents shredded fight the way that you were supposed to? Were you disappointed that you spent so much on your paper shredding equipment for it to fail you? Everyone else is saying that they can offer the best solutions for you but are they actually doing it? They may just be there to take your every penny which is super sad because we do not operate like that. I’m so happy that you landed on this page and are here to hear more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

I know that everyone else is saying that they are the company for you and that you should trust them in all of this other stuff. it’s quite possible you’ve been burned in the past but we won’t take advantage of you because we are truly here to help and we want to make life easier for you. Our team is here to take on any projects that you may have but also could have you unique and special requests. we take Delight in this because it’s truly why we are here.

We are here to make sure that you get the best quality machine that you were looking for at factory price. Isn’t that really awesome for you that we offer Factory pricing on the most reliable equipment? In fact the top 10 facilities in the world trust us to shred their documents securely and accurately. Because our shutters are built aggressively to enable you to destroy so many documents all at once because we believe in minimal labor. You rely on our machines you are relying on a greater peace of mind then if you work with one of the other companies. We hire the best employees.

Are employees are friendly whether it be at the front desk answering the phones or if they are in the shop working on your custom equipment. Yes I did pick up some equipment because we can make whatever machine it is that is needed for your office if the ones that we already have won’t work for you. Me an insight to what your needs are and we do this by communicating with you. Communication is such a powerful tool achieving the goals that you are after. We do what others can’t because we are constantly striving to make ourselves better and develop our skills every day.

Or industrial Shredder equipment is built to last because we have higher standards. The quality that you will receive from these equipment in the future is going to amaze you so much that you will find a new fashion for shredding paper. That’s that easy to work with our equipment because we are so dedicated to making sure you feel valued because you are. I won’t take advantage of you because we are different from the others and are looking to build a relationship with you for years to come. That’s why you can guarantee we are going to take care of you and have your best interest in mind so call us today.