Industrial Shredder | Why us?

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

We are here at the industrial Shredder that is going to last for you. that’s because our team is here with the expertise to design an engineer and manufacture the equipment that is going to be able to withstand the most demanding applications. You may have needs that are further than just one paper at a time at your small office. In fact you probably have a whole team and an accounting department that needs to shred their papers and even shred Staples at the same time.

To save you time and money because time is money we have the shutters that can’t read right through those Staples. As someone who has worked in an accounting department I know how valuable this is to not have to take off the Staples one by one before shredding documents because that can be so overwhelming. It makes the job takes so much longer and takes away from during the actual job that I should be doing. These machines are built to last because they are processed by skilled engineers.

Our company is really happy to declare that we have over 50 years of customer satisfaction. I know you’re probably working with us is the fact that we are family owned and operated because we love to operate you are our own family. We have been the leader and the shredding industry for more than 50 years. This is a super long time to be doing shredding. It’s exciting to see the shredding industry grow because we have provided Superior Equipment that can be relied on and is able to handle the destruction these documents for your security needs.

Being a company that is family owned is really important to us because we have been operating with a higher level of customer service to start. You know when you work with us that you were going to work with a team that is going to be super friendly and accommodating for you. We accommodate you by listening to your concern and offering efficient solutions that will best fit your needs. If you have information that needs to be destroyed we love to help with this because it offers you peace of mind where you can sleep at night. Weatherby credit card statements or information about something else.

Building industrial shredder excites our team of Engineers here. They love to take on new projects and build the machine that is going to last for you whether you need a high-quality aggressive machine or one just for the office. Our designs are efficient and offer solutions to you with powerful force. these machines are built to last because we have one shutter that has been going for over 30 years and still going strong. If you are looking for the company that can provide the shutter that will be reliable for you and durable then I call us because we love to work on new projects.

Industrial Shredder | Keep it moving efficiently

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

One point in time there were no industrial Shredder options Was becoming a real hassle to be able to take care of those bigger jobs. That’s when the history of our company began over 50 years ago. We made it a mission to provide the most Superior and reliable equipment for any industry that was in need of shredding at a higher level. It’s been our mission to also provide the best design by having Engineers who are skilled at their craft.

Weird machines are built to last and you can guarantee that because we are very passionate about what we do. We provide the most Superior Equipment that is going to be reliable for those larger jobs because this is our passion. We allow ourselves to sell products without import or export charges which is super beneficial to you. This means that you are getting the factory price and that the equipment is 100% American made. And is also manufactured at our Factory in Delmont Pennsylvania. Do you want to check out her Factory we are more than happy to show you around.

Some records just need to be destroyed and it’s as simple as that. To be able to secure the information properly and have the destruction of those documents for your company we are here and Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania. We can build the machine that is going to be cussing for you and your office or whatever your factory is needing a higher level. The standards that we hold for our products is the highest in this industry and you will discover that one working with us. We design these machines to At Last At an affordable price.

So why should you choose us as opposed to any other shredding company out there? This is a good question but we know that John Wagner began building these machines to outperform any of these other paper shredders that have been the most powerful in their time. We are always innovating and looking for new Solutions and ways of doing things while also staying consistent with what works. You can rely on our equipment to protect your securities with efficient shredding. We can provide you everything that you were looking for whether it be the Consulting by the experts who know this field or if you’re wanting use Superior Equipment.

You provide the best of service with customer service and the products that we offer. Having an industrial Shredder is like having a best friend in the office because you can rely on it all the time. It doesn’t act up on you and require to do Los a unnecessary work. we also are the company that will be there for you with a customer support and available to answer any questions that you may have. Working with you as a privilege for us so call us today and even schedule a time to come see our Factory for yourself.