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This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Does the idea of having an industrial Shredder that can get Factory volume of papers shredded at a faster rate excites you? Are you looking for a better way of doing things when you have previously done them with your company’s before us? the do not do your research on them before and you definitely had to pay for it and that the type of product that you got? We are glad to help because we’ve been in business for so long to answer your questions efficiently.

Hard drive shredders are super handy to have when you need to get rid of information that you may have overlooked on those devices that you keep. These devices your laptops and phones as well as CDs and hard drives. The shutters are convenient because they offer the physical destruction of these types of drives at the most effective and desirable. The solution they bring to you is security and peace of mind that you are ensuring Total Safety with these devices. We often forget that we store so much information on our laptops and phones.

This type of hard drive Shredder is able to accomplish the destruction of these devices but it also offers another benefit. With doing this you’re also able to give back to the environment that have been destroyed. Virtually any of these devices can be thoroughly destroyed and the destruction of them is exactly what we are looking for. We build a compact machine so I can get the stuff done for you because these devices hold so much information. In fact you can even load up one of these shutters and install it and it stops for mobile shredding.

There’s another type of shredding that is available for you that requires the simplest shred of documents. This is called the strip cut. What’s really nice about this type of shredding is that it operates with a simpler mechanism in the machine. That means that there is going to be less maintenance and for you to have to follow up with. It’s a faster type of shredding and that can be done at once. So when you want to shred 30 documents or so all at once this is going to be the machine that gets the job done for you.

Whatever industrial Shredder you’re looking for others can’t because we are going the extra mile to provide what others won’t. Whether that be with the warranties that we offer were the fact that you can come visit our Factory to see us living in action. We have the team for you that’s going to follow through and get the job done to meet and exceed your standards. You matter to us and that’s why we are so dedicated to your satisfaction. Working with us is a luxury for your office so call us today and we would love to consult with you about the shredder for you.

Industrial Shredder | We stick it out to the end!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

What kind of employees do you want to hire for your company? This is the same thing that we ask ourselves every day as your industrial Shredder facility that can get the job done. We know that when customers ask it is a very important that we know how to properly deliver what they are looking for. We actually over-deliver what is expected of us because we have the team to exceed your expectations. We do this by having better equipment and the installation team to get it done. Did everyone reviews and you’ll see that the other company for you.

When you check out the reviews it’s very likely that you were going to see that we offer safety as a top priority. We build machines that are going to get the job but they can be pretty dangerous if not handled properly. Because this is such an aggressive type of job that we are trying to do is important that we look at every aspect of safety. Play this is a priority the house because everyone says that they offer this but are they really taking the extra step to be mindful and aware of it. We have insights your needs.

Having insight to your needs in regards to safety is important when you decide about which company to go with. You know that there are so many options out there on the market and you could easily go get a shredder near your office at Office Depot. But those are not quite the personal connection that you were looking for for the long-term aspect of your business. Having us on your side means that you have us to call on for any sort of Maintenance or troubleshooting that you may have. That’s because we are here to work with you because we have so much experience.

We have over 50 years of experience and have been working with the top 10 facilities in the world and that’s because they trust us. They trust us because we follow through with what we say we’re going to do and we are super friendly. Our customer service is of higher standards because we believe and resolving whatever concerns that you may have. If you come to us with the issue we will definitely find a solution to move forward with. We won’t leave you wondering if your problem can be solved or not because it can.

Material and handling equipment is our expertise in industrial shredder equipment as we work in this industry. We are able to have the knowledge about all five kinds of shredding machines as the only manufacturer who does this. No one single other Factory or manufacturer is working on all five kinds of machines the way that we are. This alone tells you that we are the experts in the field and we know the most about shredding. That’s because we are so dedicated to developing our skills and crafts everyday. You can trust working with us because we’ve been in business for so long.