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This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Did you know that we were the first ones to build an industrial shredder? this is because we saw a need for a more Dynamic shutter that could get those higher-volume projects done over 45 years ago. This is what sparked our interest in this business and we have been doing it since 1967. It’s our pleasure to you to provide more levels of security and at your shredding Endeavors. We love taking care of you and we are here to provide the highest quality so call us today.

Whether you were looking to make fewer bag changes with a smaller cut or you just want to get through the job faster with one single direction of shredding we have the solution for you. It’s important that you consider whether or not you’re going to be stapling your papers that are going to be going through the shredder. This is I’m so you know you get the right machine for you. Not every machine is made to work through these types of obstacles. Some are better than others.

That’s not to say that we are discriminating against Shredder, we just know that each one has its own unique niche in this world and we are here to help you decide what’s best for your office. We are here to accomplish the most efficient level of shredding and destruction of documents that you need. When you do that you were able to also recycle the papers afterward which is super friendly to the environment. It makes your stack of papers a smaller and more manageable when you do a micro cut versus a strip cut.

If you need to destroy those hard drives then we have shutters for that as well. Surprisingly these aren’t all that loud as you would think that they are. They are pretty quiet and discreet and can physically destroy your hard drive. By this I mean like your phones and your laptops and electronic storage devices. this process also offers a benefit to the world. It allows the possibility to reclaim valuable Metals through the process of destroying the information on the devices simultaneously. It’s a win-win.

We love helping to answer your questions about industrial Shredder options for you. We have so much experience in this because we’ve been doing it for over 50 years and built the first of its kind in this industry. That’s because we saw a need in the environment and we took the liberty to make a solution. Ever since then we have been very dedicated to providing more security to you and destroying documents over time. We see you as a lifelong member of our shredding community and are so happy that you have joined us. There are more varieties of security and levels of it when you decide to work with us. You also know that we have the friendliest staff and are willing to go above and beyond to meet whatever your needs. Call us today.

Industrial Shredder | That’s how we do it!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

So what with all of this as a benefit to you you can see how we are different from others. You can see that it is possible for you to trust an industrial Shredder company that is going to want the best for you. Although this may be an industry that is overlooked we are able to help with all facets of the industry. Our Factory is designed to meet customer needs and personalize your experience all that shredding equipment. That’s because we love to over-deliver what we are expected to do. It’s okay to trust that we actually do care about you because we do.

Part of how we have gotten better in the past is by getting feedback from our previous customers. Since we’ve been in business for so long, in fact it’s been over 50 years, means that we are here to rise to the challenge and over exceed what your expectations are. We’re aware that you have a specific needs and need personalized attention to get the job done. All of our customers matter and our reviews are proof of this. When you check those out you will see that others have been completely satisfied with our work.

We stopped at nothing to make sure that our customers are satisfied. In fact we don’t even have a board of directors because we don’t want to waste any time on trying to get a project approved. This is a benefit to you because we are able to start on the project as soon as you approve it. First we will take it to our design team who will then take it to our research and develop our teams and then our Engineers will get it approved by you and get started immediately. This saves the time of operations in the whole project.

You matter to us just as much as our family matters to us. We treat you as if we would one of our own because we believe that we are all connected. It’s our duty to take care of each other in this world and we believe our gift is the creation of better shredders for your security. Deciding on a shredder is really up to you on whether or not you want one feature over the other. But thankfully if you build a custom machine we can make sure you have everything you’re looking for.

We love having a team of Engineers to build your industrial Shredder because we want to save you every penny in the process. Some other companies may have you buy multiple shredders to be able to get the job done that you’re looking for. But instead we can build the one that is going to be best fit for your facility. When you visit our Factory you will see that our team is extremely eager to help and we are friendly. We are humans operating the machines not machines operating us. Rebuild the aggressive spiders that are going to destroy these documents to the most efficient and compatible way to what your needs are.