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This content was written for Allegheny Shredders.

So much intentionality about what we do as industrial Shredder that you are looking for. We do this here at Allegheny Striders because we believe in the history of Allegheny is all about making it I’ll wear it began. We began over 50 years ago and this is because John Wagner began building this in a way that was powerful from the beginning and then we keep on doing this. Because of this, I’ll tell you that we have made it exciting statements and definitely looking for the way to help you as much as we can. It’s very important to us that we continue to do this and every aspect of this industry because we look to grow and learn more from each of our customers and every way that we do this.

Everything that we do here is all about making the industrial Shredder that you want affordable and truly working in every way. This doesn’t just mean that we give you some of that works for a day or two, or even a decade, we look to have you get everything that you need with the strongest warranty you could ever imagine. That means that we have product is designed and destruction equipment that will definitely be able to invest into your future exactly what you’re looking for. These are just some of the ways that we have the history of our customers and we do everything.

There are certain aspects of this business that a lot of people don’t know specifically, because this is just not a widely known industry. However let me tell you that we are very intentional about the safety of our customers and everything that we do. Because this going to be a David aspect of shredding anything is something that can lead to many harmful things when when use unsafely. However let me tell you that the international symbol Coated safety labels are there specifically so that you can follow them and meet the guidelines that are set by the product safety in label system established by the FMC Corporation. This is very important because we want to make sure that you are safe and everything and that’s why we have the key locked and low voltage control panels to always make sure that you are safe and the person who is operating at.

Let me tell you I don’t hurt, that the fix the safety Shield installed over the input conveyor is all about making sure that you can have everything unlike the Lift-Off panels and everything else that you need with it. These are just some of the ways that we choose to be extra safe and everything that we do because we do know the risks involved with on caring handling of this kind of product. It is very important for the safety of everybody and also the safety of your documents hard drives and everything out that you’re trying to shred, let’s make sure we do it right the first time but just as Allegheny shortest tells you to because we believe in your safety and everything else.