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This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Probably considered an industrial Shredder for those higher volume and more aggressive jobs for paper shredding? Have you considered a company that has a one-year parts and labor warranty with every Shredder that you buy from them? Is this something this important to you so that you know your product is covered to last? You can even extend that warranty up to 10 years with us because we believe that you deserve the security and peace of mind and the equipment you invest in.

We’re not going to not write them in the warranty but we do know that our equipment is built for the Long Haul. We attract what we are doing with extreme care and attention to detail because our team is a fire standards. Standards means that you won’t be disappointed like you are with the other companies because we hold ourselves to a higher quality standards. Our warranty can be extended to up to 10 years ago because we know that insurance is a great thing to have. That’s why you can trust us.

We have the equipment that is able to do with any sort of shredding with his hard drive devices. Some of the hard drive devices that would hold Vital Information would be a laptop and a phone. Although it’s possible that some Vital Information is also saved on the hard drive and you need to be able to shred those two. Our equipment is even at mobile to be able to take care of these higher and more aggressive type of shredding jobs. We not only build a paper shredding equipment but also hard drive shredding equipment.

These hard drive shredders are even mobile so that you can take them with you as you need in the back of the pickup truck. That’s because you can trust that our products are going to last for you and are able to go on the move. We’re not you think about destroying documents is quite possible that you might Overlook the fact that you need to shred phones and CDs as information sources as well. We have a warranty to make sure that these more aggressive shredders are covered. We also manufacture all five kinds of machines because we care about you.

You may be wondering if this could possibly get any better and my answer for you is that yes I can. We offer Factory pricing for our industrial shutter equipment because we believe in giving you the best out there. We aren’t here to take advantage of you by making you pay at greater prices than you actually have to pay or by leaving me stranded. We are here to team up with you to build the best equipment for you because we have the team to do it. Whether we need to take it to our research and development team or straight to our design team we can help so give us a call.


Industrial Shredder | Destroy Electrical Content!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

This company started as a small family-owned industrial Shredder company that customers ended up loving so much that we’ve been in for over 50 years. We’ve been in this for so long because we realize that we are the experts in this field and we saw a need in the industry and met it. There’s no one shutter that is going to get every single job done for you and that’s why we have knowledge and all five types of shredding machines. We are actually the only Factory and manufacturer that is this knowledgeable in this helpful. We have made sure to master every type of machine because it makes things more convenient and easier on you.

That is our whole goal is to make sure we are relieving the stress in the world and making life easier for you so that you can enjoy doing what you love and working on your business. Some of our machines have been going for over 30 years because we have built to last and they are created by Craftsman. That’s why our customers keep coming back every time that they see themselves growing in their business and need more shredding equipment. We are super easy to work with because our staff is friendly and we are not eligible.

Safety is a major priority to us because we want to make sure these top 10 facilities in the world will always trust us like they do today.Office equipment is super important to ensure the best workflow within your company. We over-deliver what our customers ask because we are going to give them more than what they asked for. Having this luxuries to work with us as guaranteeing that you have a premier manufacturer that is here to make sure your standards are overexcited. you can trust us.

We’re going to save you every penny and every dollar possible because we believe that you were very hard for your money. We are aware that you probably are not super passionate about shredding paper the way that we are. That’s perfectly okay and our feelings are not her. We hire the best employees that are going to help you get the job done properly with the equipment that can assist you on the job. Cross shredding is not offered by every other manufacturer. This is not fair to you if they want your business and don’t offer all of your needs.

We specialize in all five types of shredding equipment in the industrial Shredder industry because we are dedicated to making sure you have convenience. Convenience means that you won’t have to go to different companies to get one product from one and another from another. we are the only manufacturer that specializes in all five major types of shutters because we truly care about you and your simplicity. Will you bring Simplicity into your life by offering all of these as your company of choice. You deserve a high-quality at factory price and that’s exactly what we offer so call us today.