Industrial Shredder | Smaller Sheet Capacity

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

You looking to shred a lot of papers all at once and you need an industrial Shredder? Or are you looking for a more personalized size office Shredder that can sit next to you at your desk as your right hand man? Have you considered the possibility of needing one larger shatter for the entire floor that you are on? We are here to help you decide which would be the best route for you to go. Our Consultants are happy to help so calls today.

We are very passionate about the physical destruction of it these documents that hold personal information that you don’t want getting out to the rest of the universe. Is it very possible that these documents were useful to have in your office for some extended of time but now it’s time for them to be destroyed. how you go about destroying them will determine how much and mine for your security that you have. All of our customers matter to us and that’s why we’re about making sure we direct you properly.

When discussing options with you we will be sure to listen because we believe this is the best way to figure out what will work for you. Communication is important and it goes both ways but it is our job to listen thoroughly so we can best meet your needs. Working with us as opposed to another company means that you are also going to sign up for the easier and more effective solution. We are always developing whether it be and communication or our sleep designs in our products. We want to offer the best for you whether it be through our front office in Billing Department or through our Design Team.

When you work with us we are able to build you something custom that meets your needs more directly. You won’t have to settle with a product that has a certain features that you like the others that are useless to you. building a custom machine means that you will have every feature that is needed to get the job done properly at your facility. This is like having a best friend at work because they are there for you when you need them. They won’t leave you hanging.

It’s possible that you may need an industrial Shredder that is able to take care of hard drives. The hard drives are going to be the devices like your cell phones. It also is any other electronic storage device like a laptop. This is the most effective solution for you to destroy the information stored on these devices. It does this by reclaiming precious metals through the destruction of these devices. So it’s actually a win-win for you and the first. I can be installed on a track for Mobility as well so you can take it to different job sites as needed. How super convenient for you so call us today.

Industrial Shredder | Convenience you will benefit from!

This Content was written for Allegheny Shredders

Kevin industrial Shredder that will be super useful to you and your office is the Crosscut. unlike the strip cut which can handle up to a 30 documents all at once the Crosscut is going to offer different benefits. While the strip cut is the fastest and requires the least amount of Maintenance and follow up with oiling the cross shred is going to give you the benefit of fewer bag changes. Not having to change the bag so much you are able to get a lot done without having to change out the bag. This is really convenient to you.

The reason it requires fewer Bag changes is because the Crosscut is going to do a smaller cuts that can be referenced to as micro Cuts. These micro-cuts are going to offer different varieties of levels of security. This means that the paper will basically be shredded a lot more directions than just the one simple path way as the strip cut. It requires more oil because it is a more complex cut but it is worth it when you think about the security that you get from this type of shred. However you can’t shred paper clips and Staples.

If you’re wanting to shred the paper clips and Staples is probably better that you go with Different Shredder which the hard drive Shredder will definitely be able to take on this type of task. Because it is so aggressive and is built to go through those more difficult types of products with destruction in mind. It does require more oiling and more maintenance because it does a more secure cut and Shred. That’s why so many of these particles can fit into one bag before you have to change it because they are so tiny.

If you want to ensure Title Security the hard drive Shredder is the one that you should go with. Because it is the most effective and desirable when it comes to looking for the solution of destroying these documents. I can also destroy these electronic storage devices that we keep information on like our phones in our laptops. Surprisingly this shutter is not that loud and has minimal vibrating when it is operating. I can’t read through the paper clips Staples and see that you are wanting to spread through. Which makes a super convenient when you are doing a whole stack of papers you won’t have to remove the Staples.

All of our customers matter to us and that’s why every day as your industrial Shredder. Whatever your shredding need maybe we can offer a faster and simpler solution for you. That’s because we are the experts in this field and have been learning about ways to be better since 19 67. That’s over 50 years of business because we are dedicated to at the passion for shredding paper. We love it shredding paper so much that you can consider us like a pyromaniac is the fire. It is our joy to give you the security and Peace of Mind through the process of shredding. Call us today.