Tired of the lack of results that you’ve been experiencing with your current industrial Shredder equipment? Tired of working with an organization that hasn’t been able to prove himself as a worthwhile resource to do your work with? Are you ready to get a piece of equipment that’s been proven to Showcase excellence and provide you with great resources to go beyond what people expect? Then get ready to experience a great company called Allegheny shredders what’s your needs on their back and helps you to get the right service every time. Just schedule a call with them today at 724-468-4300 and they will be glad to help you on your way.

What makes our company different than some of the other competitors who provide an industrial Shredder? Well the reason why we’re one of the top 10 facilities in the world is because we’ve just been around here for so long. We got over 50 years of experience that have been proven to illustrate great growth and dramatic results. You got plenty of clients and plenty of customers that have worked with us for multiple decades now because they understand that we provide great insights and great worth. It’s fun to be able to service these people because they understand what it takes in order to get a worthwhile product and that’s why they keep coming back to us because we know that we’re going to consistently deliver all the time.

On top of that we see that customers are staying with us so we want to take care of them in order to make sure that they’re continually reminded that we take care of them. For instance one of the things that we provide whenever they purchase a new piece of equipment is a full year parts and labor forever you Shredder. That’s right in the United States you’ll be able to have a whole year of labor and parts compensated by our company. And on some products, you could even get three years of parts and labor. We also provide our technicians to in order to repair and service the shredders for the lifetime of the machine. And then when you purchase your brand new Shredder, you get to go to get your warranty extended up to 10 years off. That’s how much we trust our products and are able to see the great development being made.

And one of the cool things about an industrial Shredder coming from Allegheny shredders is that we are the only manufacturer that can provide all five shredding Technologies. Weather app for particle cut techniques or single shaft rotary Grinders, we’ve got all the knowledge in the world in the capabilities to be able to put together a pretty pretty custom piece of machinery for you. You’ll know that you’re going to get a break product by the end of working with us.

So saddle up and now that our work goes beyond what you might expect and we consistently gravitate toward Excellence on every single transaction. So if you just give us a call today or fill out a form, will be happy to get you towards the end goal that you have in mind.

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Want to work with a company that’s able to put together an industrial Shredder that’s been at the top of the pack for over 50 years? If someone’s been at the top of his list of companies for over 50 years, that probably means they’re doing something right correct? What do you need to find out from your local organizations in order to figure out that they are going to be the best choice for you to get a good piece of Machinery? Well you should know is that whenever you give a call today to Allegheny shredders, they will be right up your alley and will help you get to that end goal for yourself in a timely manner. Just give them a call today at their phone number on the top of the website or just fill out a form and they will be the initiative and take you on and what you want to do.

Because one of the coolest things that you can experience by working with our organization is that we definitely have a strong history of being Innovative with our work. Back in the day when John Wagner was just starting up this company, he saw some of the Machinery being as powerful as a 7.5 horsepower engine. And he thought that was not enough and so he built the first heavy duty industrial Shredder in the industry which is a 15 horsepower Beast. In this company continues to innovate and continues to be at the top of their class with a 300 horsepower industrial Shredder and shredding machines that can produce 20 tons of shredded paper per hour.

But on top of the industrial Shredder Machinery that you can enjoy, you should also know that our work has continued to evolve over the past 50 years in information destruction. We’ve been one of the only companies that can provide five types of shredding Technologies. We got training technologies that consists of cross cut or Crush red or single Kraft Grinders or strip cut or particle cut all five of these types are highly popular to certain people we can even do specific customization for your particular needs as a shredding company.

And customers really love the fact that they can get many of their needs solved through just one company. Instead of going to different shredding companies, they can go to one manufacturer that can solve their problems and get them the goals that they see for themselves. We built quite the custom shredding machinery for many different security agencies and many different organizations on top of that. Because we got to make sure that we’re doing a great job being consistent with our shredding and we’ve got a test this Machinery because those security agencies need the stuff to work consistently.

So if you’re ready to get an industrial Shredder that goes beyond what people might expect, then it’s time for you to enjoy working with Allegheny shredders and taking the time to hear out why they’ve been such a successful organization.